domenica 17 aprile 2011

In Praise Of The Middle Ground

While facing the brain hazing burden that is a sunday afternoon on spring, i happened to stumble on Alex Jones' show "Infowars". I've never been really as polarized as many are abou the man. I think he is entertaining in a way, as many conspiracy theorists are. Even if i think the whole NWO theory is way overhyped and borderline cartoonish, especially when it tries to tie together points that really have no reason to be connected.

Still, that's not what majorly bugs me about him or the whole Zeitgeist scene. What really kinda made me reflect, in Jones' delivery of "Truth" and "Information" is how his loudness, his boisterous aggressive confidence and the tone of most of his guests/sponsors/statements makes them really close to their enemies. In fact, i think the major effect of said approach, the "We know the truth and you all are in the dark", the obsession for promoting points that have no critical reflection behind them but whose main purpose is to create controversy and be talked of, is to turn off people from your main cause.

For a good bunch of enlightened ones, you'll have a whole group of people that get seriously turned off by your hammering and actually decide to ignore even the good parts of your arguments. Or, at best, you'll get a whole group of semi-blind fanatics that will take anything you say as utter dogma, emobdying the exact opposite of the freedom of thought you were promoting. But my point is wider.

Humans are complex and volatile creatures who are prone to failure and negative reaction.

As much as we want to think that society is essentially civil and can be guided into a superior level with the right teaching, this wont happen in most cases. The real key, in my head, to get things right, is perspective. Or, to put it in simple terms, a safe distance from all points. A tiny, healthy dose of detachment from everything. Enough to let your eyes see all points and consider everything for what it really is: relative. And still not so much that you actually stop caring and succumb to death by indifference and passiviity.

Caring too little, not really getting involved, emotionally or in thoughts, living mechanically and keeping TOO MUCH distance, breeds apathy. Apathy is the non-organic death of the brain. The soul-coma. Every time people get jaded out of too many delusions, or just because in today's fucked up social world, not caring about anything and being cynical and sarcastic about what you see equals being superior, what comes out is similar to a grey haze that takes away passion and oxigen. And that applies to all things.

Saying you wont vote cause you do not care about politics is dangerous indifference. You vote, your opinion, your ideas might not be immediately effective or get wasted in a sea of mess-ups but not acting, or not carin, is a suicide and a slap in the face to anyone who actually tries single handedly, every day to change things. In sentimental relationships, or community interactions, sometimes being numb and cold, indifferent and hardened looks like a goal.

Not feelin anything seems to be a safe bet to avoid failure or hurt. In the end though, while as i said, some distance has to be kept, numbness is, as apathy, a great way to be emotionally dead and start to rot before being a corpse.

On the opposite side, excessive care is as worng. Being too much confident about your views, being at war to promote them as aboslutes, nevert bending for potential compromise, is just going to turn you into a ridulous joke. While i am convinced that today most democratic views are a failure and that people have to be forced into most decisions to evolve, preaching absolutes isnt going to work. It doesnt matter how right you think you are: everything you think or beleive can be debated opr proved wrong with the right stubborn arguments. And you will always face someone that will be stronger than you and use your passionate emotion to corrode you until yopu give in. Use said fire against you and make you go nuts.

That too is like love. In love, being so involvedx you forget who you are and having no distance, ends in tragedy. You8 have to love but also remeber yourself always. Involve yourself only up to the point you do not do stupid shit in the name of something thaty has a high chance of failing or disappointing you. Same with communites and social groups. Keep your distance. Dont believe too much. Remember you come first. Always.

That is why a lot of psychedlic drugs open the eyes of people. Not cause of visions or truth but because those drugs make your brain distanced. You see things, emotions, people for wehat tehy actually are: moments and segments. As miserable or happy as you might feel, as important as this person or idea might seem, you will change. Everything will. And all people and ideas are worth fighting for with the same amopunt of energy. Some do not deserve any, some deserve more. Still you always have to rememmber your distanced view and the middle ground. Not out of fear or cowardry but to get a good startegy and find the best solution.

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  1. Cospiracy theories are ok for delusionals, ignorantes, idiots, wannabees and all those who substitute religion with ideology. And for those who want to make some easy money selling shit to those delusionals etc. above.

  2. agreed. stilll some of them, like alex jones, dont really do it to sell anything (he s basically just a radio host and a columnist) but they give a voice to those people. Very close to Grillo in our country, with less political shadiness. its entertaining, in a way, cause they'ìre as psychotic as a religious fanatic