lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Loopholes in stuff that lacks logic, and it seems to thrive on its lack of sense. From the serious ones to the smaller types. I keep meeting those and, maybe out of excess of awareness, i keep noticing them.

Why does any legal system seem to favour people who really do not need defense? Anyone who has been seriously abused or faced some big injustice, can learn on their own skin how EXPENSIVE proving that you're avictim or in the right, actually is. Some person attacks another one, physically or everbally. Even psychologically (as emotional violence is as bad as corporal). Most victims will want to react but that will trigger a reaction from the other part and cause a legal process that will suck their resources dry and actually pu them in a worse place than the one they were at the moment of the offense. They might even be ostracized and loose their job, cause the system doesnt like people who stand-out, especially if they're right. The system wants its victims silent. That will be even worse if the offense is a scam, a plagiarizion, a bad mouthing (even at a bad level, proving that said person stalks you or threatens you and makes your life miserable.

The legal system declares to be rooted in justice but it actually helps the offenser more, cause the offender usually can afford to loose money, a lot of it. So repeat offenders, aggressor, serial attackers, evil people will usual have the best deffense and will get otu of sheer exhaustion of the other part. The evil loophole of justice.

Why do doctors seem to care little for actually ill or needing people, and actually seem to be always stifled when it comes to solve actually debilitating illnesses, but they give excessive care to people who dont need it? Depression IS an illness. Still, a lot of the damages that come with it come, also from excessive and unnecessary medicinal prescriprions. Overcuring is as bad as not curing atr all. The men that should be the incarnation of solving illnesses are actually being illness themselves. Ruininng people's heads with damaging medicinal, often untested or coupled with side-effects that are worse than the illness itself. Pharmaceutical company poison people as much as they cure them. Insted of curing tumors or other deadly issues they enslave patients. And the cure becomes one of the cuases of illness itself.

I'm dealing with an lcoholic mother, afflicted by deprssion,suicidal tendcencies and sever health problem, caused by medcinazl and substance abuse. She WANTS to die., openly. Only solution would be forcing hospitalization but i am not allowed to do it. She can kill herself slowly and actually ask the doctors for the ways to do it, one pill at a time. But still euthanasia is controversial, abortion is an issue and old people are hospitalized without a seriosu need. Where chronically ill people have to fight daily to find the ways to have healthcare. Evil loophole of health.

The working force seems to be cutting off the capable people. I hear of people being fired for the most insane and illogical reasons, that have nothing to do with working abilites. Yet industries and sores keep workers that have no ability, out of ritual and nepotism.

People with an abusive personality, that destroy other people's souls, are more respected and attract more potential victim that the decent ones. Cruelty is a plus. Victims themselves seem to love abusers more tha defenders. Well, i do.

Loopholes. Too many of 'em. I need a beer.

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