venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Music For Your Pockets : Johnfish Sparkle

You can say whatever your tiny, black, rotten hipster heart wants: music is also dying because there are too many musicians that are more interested into looking "pretty" or "cute" rather than making good music. Whatever is your style of choice, whatever is the kind of music you love, even if it is goofy pop, think about this. There IS a difference between a musician who is cool, does great music, has charisma, a great voice or simply writes great tunes and someone whose material is absoulutelu pointless, if not downright horrendous, but looks pretty.

The pretty boys, with the pretty clothges, that act pretty in videos seem to overrule music nowadays. And ill stick to my own country as an example: the most popular "bands" here are guys like The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber or One Direction. I wouldnt have much to say about them or what they play, i havent got anything against pop music that simply pulls off being listenable and easy going. Problem is, said people produce very bad songs or anonymous ones, and get listeners mostly out of press coverage, obsessive airplay, product placement, marketing and the fact that most teenagers and adults who like things mediocre (the real face of mainstream) actually BUY their stuff. So good pop musicians become unknown.

And Rock Bands that play real rock, with musicianship and attitude, that has a heart and a soul, have to go underground, where they have to deal with the tragedy that is the cheap ass undergporund audience, a bunch of bums who like bands but wouldnt spend a dime to help them, if their lives depended on it.

All this rant to reccomend the band in the picture, Jonfish Sparkle. The fellas look cool and retro, like they just stepped out from a documentary about badass rockers from the seventies. And they play exactly like that: Their music is souther tinged, bluesy, melodic, rockin and soulful. Played with skill, heart and melody. With hooks that makes you wanna sing along, vocals that arent studio corrected and supercool guitar solos. Also, they're from ITALY!!!!!

All that means check them out and buy their records.

If you dont, youre missing out and also the world misses out. Support good things and stop pushing CRAP.

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