giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Bad Thoughts That I Couldnt Help But Having But Cause I'm Sort Of A Bad Person

My Dick is the most powerful and out of control of my body and it's definitely the dominating one.

After that, my head is the second most embarassing organ, causing me a lot of self aware embarassement. Its even worse when the two work together. Thank god i still can avoiud saying every single thought i have. Besides typing them here. And everywhere. Damn. Oh, girlo with no bra! Titttiiiiieeeeeeessss...

1) "Animal and children in porn must be really gross but i think i'm definitely more repelled by asian men" (i aint racist. my dick is)

2) "I'd hit that. Would that be legal? And if it is, how can i get around that?" (usually its not about teenagers, since i really aint into that. Everyone else, though... well if only as an experience)

3) "Hmmm that makes me horny" (regarding everything, from a commercial to a pack of chips)

4) "I wonder how they could be in bed" (that totally includes every single being i meet. its not even sexual anymore, i just am curious about how anyone would be in that specific situation)

Less sexual yet horrible thoughts

1) I fucking hate babies but i have to smile to this lady. God that thing must smell bad

2) Still, id love to have one. So i could teach him how to punch people. My minion! Mwahahahahahaha.

3) I wonder if the milk has gone bad. Shall i thow it away. Meh, i'll think of that later (after weeks the carton is yet untouched. bachelor life)

4) Human rights are a fundamental issue and torture is bad, but that mexican rapist sure looks ugly. He defnitely deserves a punch or two.

5) Am i gay or am i just a slut?

6) I wonder if my father will die before i have to fly to the US. If he has to, would it be bad to skip the funeral? Its not like we were THAT close


Yeah, yeah... i know.

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