venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Music For Your Pockets: Burn River Burn

Following the cue of the upcming episode of my podcast, Junk's Trunk, i'm gonna try and plug a San Francisco nad that plays music that could easily fit in the beautiful shows of old school Grunge (which, if it isnt clear, was one of my favourite scenes. and if you use the world metal, ill find you and club you on the head).. And mostly is a band that gets no coverage in the main radio circuit.

The guys have just put out a brilliant debut album, which you can buy on their site or on the always handy Cdbaby.

The best way to give you a hint of what they sound would be to name early Soundgarden. And for people who dont follow me or are a bit retarded, that means basically rock that has one foot in the Seventies but also a slightly crunchier and heavier edge and a badass singer with a masculine voice but also a great range.

As soon as you start playing the record, if you're into rock, even a bit, you'll love this one. The opening riff tells you all you need to know: classic, tight, pounding and beefy but not derivatiove and trite (i'm talking to you Creed). Then the melodies completely win you over. Burn River Burn's singer has a rougher Cornell vibe (which means indirectly Ozzy and Robert Plant) and can rip out holes in the walls when he has to rock, but can also croon menacingly in the slower bits.

And the bluesy touches? there's solos, moddy times, harp pieces. It's amazing. Trust me.

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