giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

The Uncasters Family!

I have friends, some of them i dropped during my pilgrimage towards i dont know really what, others i kept close. Its still very though to me, the way i am today, to trust people and love them. I can have acquaintances, people i hang with or i invite happily in my house, but i dont really love most of them. My heart is big and full of stuff by i also am deadly afraid of hurt, since the slightest push could make me drop into a pit of blackness in a blink. Thats also why i burn bridges so fast and sometime push away peoiple out of some weird neurosis. Thats why sometimes, i feel more comfortable shutting off, hiding behind a wall of lies and maks. Because it hurts so bad when things fail that i have become cowardly scared of reching out.

Still, in the latest year or so, a group of people entered my life and seriously made it better. They live across an ocean and yet i converse with them all day, thanks to the internet. And for many empty headed cunts, that means its not a "real" friendship. But i would give my heart and soul for every single one of them, i think about them and how can i help them when they're down, i get worried and want to be as much as a part of their lives as i can. And if that sounds weird, or inexplicable, i could really care less.

Three of them are called Daniel, Victoria and Rhgian. I consider them a slice of my heart. I honestly, deeply love them and if i could jump into a volcano for them i would. Also they have TWO great podcasts that they share with the world and you should check out if you havent, yet.

Uncast is preciously funny. The chemistry between the three is funny. Victoria has the quick wit and the comedy mind of a genius, Rhian is naturally charismatic and has a great sense of funny timing, and Daniel is possibly the most likeable man you will hear or meet in the universe. Any episode i hear from them is a gem that drops in my iPod and litterally makes my day, turning it upside down with laugh and quotable bits.

And Vivi (as i call Victoria) and Rhian drop even more sexiness, good ideas and laughter on Tiltedhalocast.

Honestly, i know this whole thing sounds like me plugging friends, and it is, somehow. But in this case the friends are brilliant. And they made my life worth living with a smile on my face. They gavce me so much that all i can do is tell whoever's reading this how great they are and how you need them in your ears and heart.

"Insert awesome theme music here..."

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  1. I agree! They are incredible people who always give so much of themselves to everyone. They, as well as you Andrea, have special places in my heart and life. Love you all!!