lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Revenge Is A Dish That No One Seems to Serve Anymore

Let me introduce this little rant pointing out that i am not completely on one side of this issue or the other. I never have completely formed opinions and even when i do, i am strongly interested into debating the opposite side. One of the few interesting aspects of Marx's social theory was that any thesis has to meet its anti-thesis, in order to form a final synthesis. While i aint totally sure of what that beardy communist's point was, i am thoroughly convinced that no argument is fully deveoped and mature until people have considered all point of views, even the most uncomfotable ones. And since too many people seem to be embracing only soft hearted or comfortable views, i, as a samrt person, feel the need to voice the other side.

I was having a pleasant conversation with a friend, few days ago. He recently had trouble with a neighbour as it often happens into those conglomerates of houses where everyone snaps at the first sign of trouble. Apparently my friend made the mistake of parking his car on a spot that was considered someone else's property (whether that was the fact or not, doesnt intertest me).
Instead of a civilized response or some sort of warning, my friend found his car with all rearview mirrors smashed and keyed.

The reasonable option towards this would be going to the police, yet most of the timne the cops donbt like to get involved into such disputes or simply ignore them. plus, there was no witnesses about the fact and no tangible proof. In my own experience of domestic abuse, cops come and dont really do an ything besides threatening the victims. (that happens in worse situations too). They are paid bullies after all.

The other one would be sueing. In some countries the option seems good, when somoen hurts you somehow or attacks your person or property. Yet, the forementioned problems work there too. Plus, as i again experienced personally, lawyers are leeches who cost you all the money you have. And usually the one with the biggest resource of funds is the winner. Which is usually NOT the person in the right. The legal system has nothing to do with justice anymore.

Now, coinsider what i just wrote. Move the thought to a possibly worse situation. Say, your pet or kid has been attacked. It happens. My father was a big perpetrator of cruelty towards the pets of annoying neighbours. He still denies but he once drove over a neighbours dog on purpose, cackling on the same day how "the guy had it coming".

Now say someone did that to you, what would be the option in your heart, besides the forementioned, falwed, ones? I tell you what is my first choice: revenge.

I know youve been told that revenge is wrong. Youve been told that it doesnt solve issues and that is true. A good person doesnt lower itself on the enemy's (cause thats what all people are naturally to each other: enemies) level. I'm absolutely agreeing about that.

Yet, there are times when payback is needed. Someone blatrantly crosses the line and direspects you, attacks you, invades your boundaries, hurts you on some level..... You need to counter attack. That starts a war, but some wars need to happen sometimes. And sometimes i thinkj a person should show that thney wont back down.

Its a side of human nature that our attempts at civilization are trying to suppress. And maybe suppressing it is the right thing but when people act like uncivilized beasts, i am in favour of giving back an uncivilized response.

When you're a kid anbd you are bullied, whats the best reaction? Standing up.

That should work for larger issues too. Think about it.

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