venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

Music For Your Pockets: Tracer "Spaces In Between"

Unless you're seriously allergic to good music, ther's a few bands that entered history through the power of great rock.

And others who just made albums that were more powerful and soothing to the soul than pretty muchy any sort of medicine or therapy made by doctors and paharmaceutical tyrants. Think, whether you like them or not, of Soundgarden, or Nirvana, at their peak. or go back and think of Led Zeppelin.

Of course, especially in these days, peopple are used to enjoy soulless music that they hear on the radio and barely let those tunes do anything besides filling up silence and time. But when those bands were at their peak, they changed lives. They did albums that are still loved, bought and re-listened over and over and over by people and still give waves of feelings and emotion.

There's a level of purity to some music, and i aint necessarily talking about rock, that goes beyond time, fame or genres. Most musicians should always be playing from the heart and soul. It doesnt happen that often anymore. Where you once had Tori Amos baring her own very soul even when playing cover songs on "Strange Little Girls" and making them almost hard to listen to, or The Pixies reinventing how you could marry feedback and vinegar to perfect pop and become a staple of someone's youth, now you have an army of semi-identical factory made drones that do music by the numbers, in order to become a forgettable sensation that will be forgotten in a couple of hours.

So when i hear a band that does their own thing with soul, guts, ball and heart, i love them to bits and pieces and want to support them in any possible way.

Tracer is a power trio from Australia. They play that type of hard rock that is balanced between the seventies school and the grunge days. Big guitars, superb, nopn overproduced vocals, epic melodies and a heart as big as the sky. Go for 'em.

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