martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Love For The Love Cast

I am a naturally enthusiastic person but i dislike gushing over people, generally, unless there is a very good reason for me to do so. The man you see in the picture, though, is a blessing. That man, makes me feek better about the world and life at least one time per week. No, hes not my gay lover (although im pretty sure hed make me happy if i was gay and in love with him), he's columnist and podcaster Dan Savage.

For the civilized world, hes a popular name, one that has done a lot for the homosexual rights (lately through the gem of love that is the "it gets better" movement) but also blessed the world with his relationship and sex advice, but for me, a guy who lives in Italy, hes a recent discovery.

I like a few podcats more than others, even less i consider essential to a good day (another one is and his, where he answer to all sorts of question left on his message box by listeners, is absolutely one of those.

He grew on me, from "wow, such good advice and topics delivered with wit and sensitivity" to "thank you for existing, Dan".

There are a few podcasts or websites that give advice of all sorts and generally they grate me. Either the advice is one sided, too humnorous, too serious and scientific, or simply too subjective and often damaging. Savage isnt that way. Hes unique.

The man is always open to all sort of questions and point of views, even the ones he doesnt agree with. He's honest and brash when needed but never judhemental or condescending. He's witty and pleasant, sometime plain out funny but always focused enough to bring a perfect view that if not completely solving the issue, always sets discussion in motion.

Dan Savage makes you think, feel reassured, feel like theres a chance for the world to be abetter place if theres someone out there that can address often delicate issues with so much good heart and intelligence. Bless him.

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  1. I was just going to blog about Savage Love today but then I got distracted and forgot because I am a child. I love love love his show but the callers need to quit rambling sometimes. The ones with the simplest problems spend the longest giving so much unnecessary information and the ones with the biggest problems say almost nothing and don't leave a call back.