lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Curse Of The Spoiler(er)

Right. Spoiler Alert.

But i got so much of that shit this morning, that i had to take it out on someone else. As a form of karmic retribution.

See, people like me like a few things. We're happy with our few passions. We like sex. We like music. We like a night out with good friends. And once in a while a movie or an hour with our favourite shows. But apparently a lot of people out there like to destroy's other people's fun. Thats' their main enjoyment in life.

And i could actually deal with it better if those people were goofy writers (like the guys at Kotaku, who seem to have decided that telling game endings in headlines is a serious professiona MO) or sociopathic trolls. But the problem is that i'm witnessing that behaviour spreading more and more between people that i know for a fact, should know better, and i interact with on a normal basis.

Its possibly connected with my previous post on how humans have an instinctual thrive towards negativtiy and a natural enjoyment for ruining other people's fun. And it takes a completely different edge, on various level.

A movie, book or series is objectively not an important thing. If you're really passionate about them, many people will regard you with spite. If you actually look forward to these forms of enetrtainment as something good, something that will bring your mood up and a possible good time in your life, many willregard you as a tyarget of scorn, hate and spite. So in a natural move, they will need to ruin that for you. Insert different time zones, the possibility of getting information easily through the web and a series of self justifications that make no sense ("well a day has passed i can do that" "Oh its just a movie, nerd" "it's for the lulz") and here comes the parade of wastes of flesh destroying entertainment for everyone.

People these days seem to focus a lot on negative criuticism or insulting comments as the ultimate manifestation of hatred. But what about someone who purposefully ruins your enjoyment of something, knowingly so and does it on such a repeated offender basis that they have to be avoided like the plague. And at that point they find ways to get at you anyway?

On a human level, a face to face one, a person who spils movies would become an outcast. It happened to me, a lot. I had firends who did that and they were hated and despised. regarded as scumbags who should be cast out from any social group. But somethignhappened at a certain point of time, and that became not only ok, but hilarious.

I want a nuclear holocaust.

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