lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

A Glimmer Of Hope

As much as i feel involved in what i'm about to discuss, i will try to avoid a sugary or excessively weepy tone, because the main point of this post isnt feelings or sentimentalism, but hope.

My friend Rhian, about whom i talked a lot in the past, is a gracious lady. If you knew her or ever talked to her, she's easy to like and to feel involved with. Rhian has a sparkly personality, is humorous, lively and witty. She had life experinces, seen about everything, knows a lot about whats good and what's bad in life. She cracks jokes, constantly, even during the bad times. Hardly gets angry even in the face of defeat and hatred from the cosmos.

Lately things have been hard for her. Diagnosed with lupus and a few other majorly ball busting conditions, she has to fight the days as they come as a constant war against all odds. Things that are ordinary to people are big thingfs for her, like a walk to get groceries or a trip. She is frail and in contstant pain but hardly complains about it or begs for attention. She has plenty of friends and loved ones that, lately, have started to refer to themselves as the "Rhi-army".

Also, she is a dancer. And a great one too. She loves music and she loves dance. Its in her blood and soul and its a fundamental part of what she is. The disease took that away from her. But in the heart she still dances.

She doesnt loose hope.

And that hope is becoming much more now. The Mayo Clinic, in Scottsdale Arizona might accept hger and help her with special treatment. Help her survive this and actually get better.

Yet she needs a hand. Fits, awareness and support.

Read her stories on her blog :

Drop her a line, read what she has to say. Listen to her voice on or

And after that join us in helping her and spreading the word. I promise you, its a good cause.

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