martedì 11 ottobre 2011

The Mistery Of Respect

"Respect" is a word that is getting used in a constant, almost obsessive manner, in the late days.

If you followed the path of my thought bubbles so far, you probably noticed how much disdain i have for any sort of judgmental use of broad concept like love, hate, friendship or, case in point, respect to poreach some sort of generic message or analysis of humanity.

I do analyze people, they way they interact with each other or, even more, how i interact with them. Yet i find HIDEOUS whenever i read or hear people sermonizing on "how people should behavce" or on "how things really are". I find repulsive, whenever anyone takes place on the top of the mount in order to sermonize on their own version of the truth on people and how they should be.

The word "respect" is a particular favourite, it seems.

I think the concept of "respect" has been excessively skewered, with time, and fell victim of the pussyfication of people and the gigantic wave of fake niceness that seem to be the norm between, non self aware persons.

If you think it over, as you should, respect isnt something that you should have towards everyone. People like to say that, but its not a good idea or a good concept. Like the idea of "universal love", its a sugary and grotesque utopia that just ruins the precious and unique aspect of a feeling when given spontaneously.

Respect is hard to get, and its supposed to be that way. No one naturally respects people. Your family does not respect what you do or what you are. You do not respect others. You tolerate them, accept what they do, but the fundamental, main drive for any individual is to recognize their own good side or negate the good in tohyers. And if and when they decide to include a family or loved one in the pictuire, they will work at bringing out the positive in their actions or protect them from negativity.

Outside of those boundaries, people will not respect anyone. A classic anecdote is how a father will generally keep being slightly disappointed and unaccepting of their offspring until they die. Generally any person will find the other part's actions, accomplishments, lives, even taste, only worth of praise or acceptance up to the point where it benefits them. Besides that,m the natural instinct is either indifference or criticism. Hate or shrug-off tolerance.

No one respects anyone unless they are worked into that and thats how it should be. You dont get character for free.

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