lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Life Line

A man is sitting on a ledge. Suddenly he decides to stand up. People see him. He seems to have the intention of jumping down, People gather, someone screams, other laugh, others decide to call the cops.

When the cops arrive they focus on trying to get the man down, alive. Efforts and risks are focused towards stopping a person that they do not know from taking its own life of his own will.

A man is in his own room. He has divorced from his wife recently. Happened after he lost his job. A casualty of the economy or just of his own being outdated. Or maybe he was just a loser. There's plenty of people like that, who lack ability, character, brains or brawn to survive through the game. Most of his friends and family forgot about him or just dont wantr to deal with the uncomfortable tension that talking to him would cause. He has problems sleeping so he takes pills. One too many. He dies. No drama about it.

A bedridden woman, lives with unbearable pain everyday. She will die sometimes soon, on her own but so far her relatives and the doctors seem to be thriving on testing all sorts of Mengtele-like experiments on her. One day, a good looking professionaql with rimmed glasses and a plastic smile told her that they would test a procedure that would possibly cause her a "permanent state of pain close to the type one experiences through childbirth", in order to obtain some slight improvement in her T-Cell count.

Tired with this, she tells her husband that she wants to let go and quit. He refuses. He get6s angry: He tells the doctors, who give her speeches. Priests get into it. She used to belive ing od as a comforting figure who watched her all the way, loving her unconditionally. Now they're telling her she cannot make a choice. God wants her to suffer.

A young kid fights with leukemia daily. He has more strength than a warrior, is attached to life with teeth and claws. No matter what the illness does to him, he always strikes back. He wants to destroy the illness. Everyone around him seems to be giving up, wallowing in their desperation. He thinks they're pussies. He will show them. Yet, he hardly can pay the therapies. NBo matter how hard he tries, his insurance wont pay. The system seems to have forgotten about him, or worse, dropped him from their list, because he's already dead in their schedule and they have bigger issues to fix. His friends dont visit him anymore. They feel uncomfortable. His parents cry. His girlfriend left him, cause she couldnt deal with the pressure and started a new life with someone more healthy and secure. Seems he would do everyone a favour if he died. But he wont and doesnt want to.

A girl gets pregnant. She cant raise a child on her own and the father has run away. They tell her she should try anbd ask for help. They dont know, there is NO help. Giving the child for adoption would put her in trouble. Too many procedures, too much chaos. She just wants to do what she has to do. But the stigma. The hatred. The suffering.

Where is the line. What life is precious and what is not? I aint asking because i am trying to push a moral here. I am personally convinced that no life is precious and that any individual has the right to choose when life starts and when life ends. I'm in favour of euthanasia and abortion. And somehow, i am in favour of suicide. If a person doesnt have any responsiblity towards others, has no kids or loved ones to think of, and feels like their life has no meaning, they should be allowed to end it freely. Still, i can see why people seem to have an attachment towards the concept of life. But yet that line keeps shifting. Some lives are important, others are less. Which is realistic, since not all people are equally important to everyone , thats a fact. If i dont care for a person, i dont care if they live or die. I dont root for life as a principle. Actually i think there should be more people dying than there actually are, especially old people. I'm not saying this out of hate, but this obsession with prolonging life is what is driving society into the gorund. We do not have space for everyone. Some are supposed to go. We shouldfocus on the ones that should be saved.

And yet the line keeps shifting. Though gig. One thing: the life of a cat is more important than the life of a human. Fact.

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