giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Being An Ass Is An STD

Talk to any neo-nihilist geek and there's a high chance that they'll quote the movie "idiocracy" as a dystopian cinematic manifesto for a possible outcome of our society. Theres a very spread belief, especially in the embittered post youth of today, that idiotic people willò outbreed the smart ones. According to the theory, morons are resilient, have a lot of children, dont use birth control, and are unaffected by the small, soul crushing aspects of living. So in the end they breed more and in largher quantities, where intelligent people extinguish themselves by not having kids, commitinbg suicide eand marching to oblivion.

I agree with soime aspects of this, mostly with the idea that theres a scary lack of limitation towards the breeding of human trash. Still, ive seen a renewal in the interest of having kids in the armies of intelligent beings. I see less people reasoning with the idea of being parents and more just doin it because "it has to happen". Seems like people want to procreate, whether its a good choice or not, and that is kinda positive. I don t feel like being a father but thats a lacking aspect in me, i realize that being a parent is a fundamental aspect in being a leveled human being. I realized that i potentially lack some emotional aspect that would make me sacrifice myself for another person, consider them on a different level than any other person and allow them to eventually walk over me and putting them before myslef. I dopnt think i could do that and i dont wanna risk the change of not doing it.

Also,l and thats my main point, i think the reale scary disease that transmits from parents to children is "flaws". Or on a harsher and more realistic level: bad people will unavoidably breed worse people and the cycle will almost eternally stay unbroken.

That possibly sounds extremely pessimistic, but i have very few examples to mind where i can really be proven wrong on this. Take me, to say one. I got a lot of strength from my mother, as i learned from her how you can survive odds and fear but at the same time i learned from her the idea that substance can be a crutch and give youy enough oblivion to go through stuff, until that becomes THE stuff. A baby is born as a blanket, he reproduces what it sees and as much as friends and society affect, the main input of data comes from what is your first habitata in your earliest days.

I saw my7 family being litigious, cowardly, aggressive, mean and i reproduced inevitably all of it in my own world. I learned that you can abuse and get away with it, if you're careless enough and i did the same to other people close to me. I am a product of them and as much as im self aware of that and i try to be different, some things are engrained in my soul and push me towards being that way. Its almost unstoppable and change CAN happen but its one of the biggest struggles a brain has to deal with.

I have the CERTAINTY that in the end, id do a lot of those same mistakes towards a child that my own family has done with me. Or, maybe even worse, i would mutate into overcompensation and turn into a tyrant because i wanna make my son or daughter strong so they can face the filth. Or be so spineless and soft that i make them people that could be hurt by a breeze.

It's a dungeon. And my dragon is HUGE. Ha ha. Just kidding.

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