giovedì 22 settembre 2011

The Curse Of The Fake Liberal

My friend Kataish, used the phrase "fucking fake hippies", to sum up a stomach churning phenomenon that is plaguing society these days.

As i might have mentioned before, i consider the internet as a good reflection of the interior of the deep subconscious of modern society. I dont buy the idea that people act on it as some sort of fake, made up personas. That is a myth. What you see on discussion boards, social networks or virtual interactions is what is in people's heads, unfiltered by decency, rationalizing or the layers that we have to put up in face to face discussions (i wont use the term "real" life either, cause there's nothing more real to daily living, compared to the rest. life is not real., everything is some sort of act).

So you will meet people who unleash their aggression, their lack of human sympathy, their need to toinbe down their instinctive reatcions. The ugly stuff.

But also, you will face a weird, unsetlling wave of plastic looking good feelings, enhanced correctness, idealism pushed towards cartoonish overtones. In the middle of excessive sensitivity, over exposed emotions and an idea of sentiments so powered up it has almost lost any sense, youll find the army of the new bleeding hearts.

I used to be a liberal, not in the political sense. I was a humanitarian, an activist and an idealist and i still have those traits. I waxs one of those perpetually fired up people who belived in their causes and shoved them under everyone's nose at any chance. Then my views and perspectives changed and i developed different thoughts on the world, and how it might need less niceness and idealism and more steely handed order. I still am fired up about what i believe in.

Once, the liberal activist used to be a powerful being. A real activist got his hands dirty, marched, screamed, did things. Maybe he was delusional, a pain in the ass or simply wrong but his actions meant something. Some are sytill that way and they're a powerful antidote against apathetic cyncicism and the condescendiung snarkiness of the shrugging majority.

I am all for those. But when i see the new army, i get disgusted. You've met those. They're the ones you'll never see marching, that feel they're taking a stand one tweet at a time, that post commentaries on blogs and social networks with little information, even less grasp of the facts or objectivity but a tone of abuse for the words "love" or "hate". The ones that misquote Rev Martin Luter King Jr. or the lyrics to John Lennon's "Imagine". The ones who seems to be crying for any cause, because they really dont follow any. They make ribbons though, and post pictures. They never donate money but they change their avatars.

If you make a rational statement on an issue, those people will jump on you and cry (virtually), about the heartless world, about how they can "make a change" (to quote the world's greatest pedophile after the pope).

To sum it up, thes epeople are more of a poison for the truth and the good causes than the opposers. they're what conspiracy theorists are for truth and ivestigations: grotesque cartoons that destroy the credibility of the movement and push people into rejection. Empty people with empty lives that live vicariously through slogans and sanctimonious sentences. They like to feel better than the rest, because they dont realy do any effort to fight the rest.

I hate them.

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