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Myths, Opinions and FACTS

I'm in favour of debating points, and i'm open for all sorts of ideas and different points of view about reality. I am not a bully. But theres an increasing list of facts that i simply have no more time to debate about. When it comes to discussing taste or religious/political/sexual differences, everything is good. Soime stuff i dont like, some i dont agreer with, and viceversa. Most of the time i'll disagree because i find debate and discussion way more interesting than passive agreement and niceness, but in the end, its really hardly about making points, mostly about excercising debating abilities.

And yet, a few things are FACTS. Whether you agree or not, those are truths. Not debatable.

1) Men And Women Are Not Equal And Shall Not Be Treated The Same

I am deadly serious about this. To be clear, i am not saying that sexism is ok or that machismo is a good thing. What i am talking about is that the two genders (and i am not talking about sexual orientation, im strictly talking about gender, whether its physical or psychological. Yes transgendered people count as waht they feel within, not how they feel physically) ARE different in all aspects of their psychology and some, if not most of the widely recognized traits attributed to them are actually true.

Women are mercurial, more difficult, more sensitive (in both the good and bad way) and more able to deal with emotions. Men are more limited in those aspect, morte aggressive, more prone to a defnsive approach . When guys play the "i'm sensitive, i have feelings like women, i understand them", they're, in large part, either delusional or manipulative. A "sensitive" man is hardly REALLY sensitive, but he is potentially usign his idea of how "sensitivity" should be to manipulate people. That is not worth of trust. Men can have emotions, but they have to be different, more under control, less manipulative and more basic and non mind-fucking. Exceptions exist but they are suspect and generally bad.

To sum it up: the roles exist and shall be taken into consideration. Again, i'm not talking about sexuality. Sexuality is a natural instinct of living beings that can be approached in every way conceivable. fuck the fuck-able. What i'm talking about is behavioural patterns and the way generally, brains are shaped. Think about it.

2)Life Is Not Precious

Yeah. Babies arent special, abortion is not a bad thing, since the right of a mother to choose if she wants to be a mother or not, whatever background she has, comes before any conglomerate of cells. And even when the creatures are born they are not granted special rights, besides the main ones. They will be special when they prove themselves to be.

Life is a process. People die. Unless there are particularly strong reasons to pribilege a person's life (like love, which is already a very debatable thing), they deserve attention and care and decency but they're not granted special rights. Animals are as important as people, no more no less. An death and sickness happen. It is what it is. We shall fight about it but also we have no right to think that we have special rights because we are humans.

Also, and possibly more importantly: a lot of people deserve to die. A lot. People who have no conscience or remorse that hurt others out of their broken nature. There's no superior idea of the sanctity of life that protects me. they should be killed, fact.

Suicide is not wrong. Its cowardly and whenever you do that you lkeave your loved ones behind. No matter how big the pain is, when you kill yourself you betray your loved ones. But besides that, if you dont have anyone and your life is meaningless, do it. Life is not precious or has any sanctity.

3)There Is No God

You're spiritual. Fine. You do not want to think that when you die there will be nothing afterwards. Ok. Youw anna think that the possiblity of a a superior being makes your life better. Knock yourself out.

Do not talk to me in a condescending or convincing or preachy manner, trying to use poetically sensitive arguments or verbal aggression in order to pull me into your hazy supersititions. The absence of any prooof about the existence of any fgorm of deity or any life after death is the final point. It's not about being into organized religion or not. Its not about spirituality or whatever. Humans are bundles of flesh with nothing more special than bananas, besides their hyperactive and strongly delusional brains. When they cease functioning they cease existing and rot. End of story. Its the ONLY logical explanation and the only possible truth. All the rest is a silly superstiution, which you're allowed to believe but stays a superstition. It doesnt mean that life is less worth living, actually it means you have to live it MORE, because you have no second chances.

4)Things Wont Be Fine

Its ok to have ideals and not be apathetic. Actually, jaded and apathetic people are a disease that should be taken away from this world. But bear in mind that having ideals and fighting for causes is something you do for yourself, to be a person thats able to look in a mirror without spitting. The improve3mednts will be momentary and there wil always be a majority that wiull. crush the good. Things wont be fine, its not how things work, even in the small parts of life. Nothing lasts, everything is worth a try.

Apathy is the real enemy, but excessive optimism is apathy in disguise.

5)America Is Not The Greatest Country In The world

Big? Yes. Powerful? Yes. Culturally varied? Sure.

The Best? No. Not even vaguely.

The US are a strong conglomerate with a lot of good thin gs and a whole shitton of flaws. Yes, they are bettger than war torn third world places but that doesnt mean much. Those places are NOT part of civilization (another fact that i wont list but it's true), so being better isnt really an achievemnent.

There are country that are living peacefully in Europe without adapting the patriotism of the States and the Gung-Ho arrogance that seems to be key to their way to live.

That said, The States are a country that shall be proud of themselves. But they're not superior or better and maybe its time they realized this.

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