venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Music For Your Pockets: Giles Robson& The Dirty Aces

If i had to sum up why this guy deserves attention and praise in one polished sentence, it would be this: he plays pure Blues Rock and plays a Harp.

You may not get why that is so awesome, if you're not a fan of that specific gritty music or you only heard it in its modern revisionist way, where the focus is on guitar histrionics, pretty polished vocals or top chart hooks.

But see, the people that love the blues in its blood and guts, undiluted version, know what i'm talking about. A harp is a magical instrument for that genre, it gives the sound something special. Just check out the always underrated Red Devils, a band that survived on live performances and whose discography is mostly made of primal bootlegs recorded with people like Mick Jagger, John Lee Hooker or Johnny Cash. They had a full band assault, made of guitars, howling vocals and all. But the harp was like a symbol of a soulful attitude, a sincerity and a love for the roots of the music. A mouth harp brings the magic of blues to a whole different level. Its an instrument that screams for live performances, improvisation, jamming and sweaty pubs. Street Musicianship. Soul and balls.

Giles Robson plays it, does it well and also has all the rest. Him and his Dirty Aces deliver some absolutely bare boned and magical Blues Rock that comes right out from the golden vault of the golden age and get right into your heart. Its energized, sad, soulful, warm, badass songs about life, love and despair. Sung and played like they're in a small smokey club in a gutter alley but polished and smart enough to guarantee constant replay. Sell your soul to this scruffy devil.

Take A Bite

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