giovedì 8 settembre 2011

The Necessity Of Violence

Anyone who knows sociology and the incredible power that it has as a science, might see the main point of dissertation. If you have no idea, know that everything i will write is based on thoughts, reflections and ideas that have already been approached in the past by scientist of human behaviour, on the large scale and on the smaller one. That doesnt mean they're right, i honestly think there is NO right answer to any debate or question, everything is subjective or deconstructable. All i'm saying is that it's not a bunch of button pushing statements that i'm puytting out to create controversy and reactions.

A sociuety with no violence or war isnt possible. Also a society with no war or violence would be, probably, a broken one and a catastrophe.

Think of the disaster that happened ten yeatrs ago, on the 11th of this month, in New York. Besides the natural gut reaction of people at the time, there were many unfortunate sould that talked about how the tragedy could'vbe been avoided or solved "pacifically". How basically the death of so many civilians was the end result of a series of wrong doings by the US, especially their actions in term of military intervention.

I dont wanna solve mistery or make statements on that. I am against conspiracy theories, i found them a form of fanatical silliness that people with no lives use to feel on top of their own private chaos. It's like religion but even more pointless.

What i'm reaching for there is how violence, war and sadly reaction from enemies cannot be avoided pacifically. And it isnt so because the modern times are rotten. It has always been that way since the dawn of civilization. Abd it has to be.

A society is formed by men. Men as a species interact through words, social constructs (like economies, religion or politics) and, mostly, with violence. Individual pursue their own good and build social and spiriotual ways in order to survive, dominate the others and obtain it. If you watch any conflict and mute the sound, all wars end up to people facing other people, trying to obtain something, and eventually taking it with brute strength. Then defending themselves. The incresed complexity of the social treickery we built has made the violence look like its about religion (which is just a tool used in order to ensure control and self confidence of a population), economy (which is a slightly more complicate d verison of the basic exchange of foood, tools and sexual favours) but all those things are just shields where the primal need to suppress the others to obtain domain is hidden.

The natural evolution of humans isnt democracy (an idealistic trick that is ok on paper but was never really meant to work), its war to extinction.

And i'm not saying this as a pessimistic view. I think its just the natural way for things to end. Since we're reaching the bottom of thge pit in terms of resources, economy, civilized life, all we can do is destroy the onbes who are in our way and fright for survival until we're extinguished.

It's our turn and the only way to go. We wont explore space, we wont evolve or find a superior level of civilization. Its not in our DNA and not posssible for us. All our science is able to produce now is toys to distract and weapon s to destroy.

Its what we are and we shall embrace it.

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