sabato 17 settembre 2011

Music For Your Pockets: The Hellfire Sermon Podcast

I already spent some time talking abou the amazing Soggy Bog Of Doom Show, here. Still, i can understand how the music that is played there might not be your cup of tea (in that case, you are a bad person, but thats another story). Still, with The Hellfire Sermon, the new podcast created by the fertile music loving mind of Bob (the host and creator of The Soggy Bog), i think ANYONE should listen. And love it.

Simply put, Bob has decided to make a new show, where he explores the world of Dark Americana, Death Country, Gothic Folk and the likings.

If you dont know the genre, you're missing out. Its everything that music that speaks from the heart should be. Has the grit and soul of folk and classic americana but also the evocative power, imaginations and visuals of the darker zones of music, and humanity. Its hymns to the nature of mankinf, their vices, their love for sin, their desperation and lust. Hymns to the devil and death but sung inb that transcendental way that makes them speak to a whole different level of your heart.

And even more simply, its music tha6t makes you feel all sorts of emotions. Makes you cry, makes you happy, haunts you, makes the heart rush, makes you wanna sing in joy. It can definitely change your life.

Bob, in his humble manner, plays an hour of those tunes, picked up with the love and knowledge that only he has. Listening to this beauty might as well make you discover sounds and bands that you will become a part of your life. Dont hesitate, go for it.

"What you gonna do come Sunday morning
When everything you see is turned to dust
Well, I just don't believe the shit you're preaching
Forgive me Holy Father, if you must " - Those Poor Bastards

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