lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Bad Things That You Shouldnt Be Really Ashamed Of

Mankind is an imperfect creation, a bunch of flaws and mismatches, sewn together by assholeness and delusion. So, in order to deal with that, once in a while, we all have the right to have horrible thoughts, do morally dubious stuff and feel actually ok about it. And the major point is not needing to justify those thoughts or actions to yourself with excuses. Just do them and remember, you're always right as long as you're right for yourself.

So allow me to give a few examples. I am totally serious:

- "I Was Actually Googling A Recipe For Macaroni..."

No You Werent. You were bored, no one was watching, you were curious, you were a bit horny or were just dicking around and suddenly, after a few clicks, you ended on a repulsive porn website that you would never admit in public that you watched. And enjoyed. And, maybe, you discovered that's kinda your thing and you went there again. Or just thought about while having sex or taking care of yourself. And yeah, that goes for ladies too. I know that a lot of you, clit carrying beings, think that your brain is shaped on a superior level than men and you dont ever ever revel in filth, cause you "dont need to". Or that because you had a baby, you have suddenly become a pure being that never feels the attraction for immoral, perverted stuff. Get off your pedestal. You're as sick as guys can be, but society allows you to act condescending about it.

In any case, not even the filthiest, most repulsive perversion is wrong, as long as no one is hurt. Fap away, minions, fap away.

- "Jeeez, that baby is ugly..."

Yeah, well, dear. I know you're happy about your child and on a conceptual level i understand that you think that the little mutant is the most beautiful, perfect, intelligent, amazing being in the universe. But it's ugly. It smells. And it doesnt look too bright. And i dont mean that on a simple baby level. It just looks like it will probably work at McDonald, i can feel it. I mean, it couldnt even hold my finger, it just drooled. But hey, who knows, maybe he can flip the hell out of a burger. Still, i will smile and tell you how amazing it looks and giggle lovingly at the 150th identical pic, video, story youy shove in my throat but in the depth of my heart i dont really wanna touch that thing

- "Goddamn it, Grams. Just Die Already..."

Everyone loves their grandparents. Or their Parents. or whatever. I know that grief takes you over when they eventually fall ill or die.

That doesnt mean that all olod people are cool, because they're old and that you cant hate their guts. I mean, wishing harm to assholes is supposedly wrong, but perfectly natural. Some people just deserve to be hated and deserve the worst coming to them. They do. A piece of shit is a piece of shit, no matter their age or relation to you. So, in the case of an old person, if they act like bastards for their whole life, it's natural to wish for them the most probable thing for them, which is death. And if they fall ill, you dont necessarily have tyo feel bad, if they werent good to you. Forgiveness is cute but very unpractical, so if an old bastard made you miserable, even for five minutes, you can wish him/her death. Dont feel bad, they wouldnt feel bad for you.

- "Yes, Pets Are Better Than People..."

Yes, i do feel more emotionally involved towards the video of a kitten than any news footage. Yes i do think that a dog's death is worse than a hundred human ones. And that can be simply put ion a few words: animals are cuter, smarter, more loving and definitely more rewarding than most people. Of course being in love with the right person is different but you have to find that one. An average cat or a dog will probably love you unconditionally, feel your mood and act accordingly and improve your life exponentially. So yeah, pet loving people are generally weird disconnected nutjobs, but i can see why. People disappoint 100% of the times. Pets dont.

There's more... That will do for now.

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