mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

I Dont Like You

Let's deal with the difference between myths and truths: love and good relationships, friends, support and affection are a great idea, and in the occasional spurts where they occur they're a source of happiness, health and delight but in the majority of human interactions, people desxerve sheer dislike, if not hate.

Nowadays it saeems like a big wave of emotional cuddliness has taken over. Its a million of apparently oversensitive babies out there, all about respecting feelings, not being awkward or inappropriate creating all sorts of protective measures, formalities and structures in order to not cause even the slight impression of discomfort to others and appearing hyper protective of themselves and others. Major avoidanhce of confrontation, truths, discussions, honesty or anything that's human. But instead of actually making iunteraqctions easier, all that has been spoawned is a major, tumorous ball of resentment and meanness that is equal to the hypocrisy of the victorian era, where you had to appear proper but at the same time you did the most depraved stuff to other beings that could be conceived.

Human beings are cruel, by nature. Love is not instinctual. i know its ounds disturbing, but thats how it is. Love is a social construct, close to the pack mentality. Its a derivative of maternal/reproductive instincts. You get attached to your own parteners, brothers, member of your tribe, and mostly, cubs. All the social hubbaloo, made of politeness, soft words, healing process of niceness, sparkly clouds of awesome and smiles, is a castle ofn cards that humanity has built onto their bare bones to make the brutality of survival more easy or logical. Like religion. Or traditions. We are scared about the natrural hostility of interacting with others so we create niceness and rules to rest our wary heads on.

From that we have evolved and made all sorts of wonders, like art. We have created courting, flirting, and sacrifice. But still when it comes to the gorund level, we are a naturally merciless species and it still comes out. We are made to hurt each other. Whether its with all out war, defensive attacks or by the small grind that is the sanitized violence of daily interactions. Through a layer of social niceness and polite turns of phrase we naturally corrode each other, by backstabbing, daily cruelty, small and big, aggression, lies and all sorts of poisoning of the soul and heart.

So hate, when it comes as a reaction to that and as a defensive mechanism, as a way to cope with the fact that you can hardly lower your guard and have to be ready for everyone to get at your throat at the slight chance they get, its more natural than love. Even when it comes to family, hate is a basic. Mothers and fathers will hate their children as soon as they detach themselves from the domination that comes fromj being a parent. When the kid becomes a functioning adult that actually interacts with you, youll end up hating them. Its not a given, but its a high chance. And they will hate you.

Loved ones will hate you and hurt you.

Its how humans are, we have no claws or fangs. We are the species capable of cruelty and we will use it in spades. Pets, wont. They will love you no matter what. Still pets dont make dinners. Hmm. Puzzzling.

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