martedì 5 luglio 2011

Why, I Get Called A Mysoginist Pig

I have a bunch of views that seem to cause furious rage even between the most reasonable circles of people i have discussions with. As any person who loves to discuss issues with people and loves debate (which is seriously different from arguing or fighting, dont forget that) knows, triggers are different with everyone. Some people will blow off at the mere mention of race, others with religion, others with sexuality. Politics are genrally indifferent to most, after the great "meh who cares" epidemy of the nineties. Still, theres always a few topics that make people seriously angry, and will get you labeled wrongly even before you can actually explain your points.

An example is abortion. In some places more than others, but yet generally it is still a very controversial issue for most. No one seems to have a strong opinion on it and the ones that do are usually even hardert to talk to.

Yet, a topic that i always found very weird to discuss, as it creates some weird stances and hypocritical ones is prostitution. Honestly, i am not completely firm on my points but i believe in them.

I cannot accept the concept of prostitution and i am strongly against legalization, yet i realize that it's such a deeply rooted sickness that maybe that is the only possible way to deal with it.

I have interacted with prositutes, some of them even worked in the "red light districts" of european cities. As much as some girls or pseudo feminists will love to tell you how selling sex is the ultimate tool for female empowerment and how a high number of call girls have a great life and wouldnt do anything else, those girls only described repulsively awful scenarios. Even the most normal case usually involved a high percentage of sleaziness from the client part which gave me the creeps.

Now recently, in a discussion, this point was met with "you cannot use a few dramatic stories to stop the most ancient job in the world and people's right to buy sex". Fair, i think in the end it's impossible to stop it. Yet, i do not see buying sex as an exercise of freedom. Sex is something that happens between two consensual people, as a result of their interaction. As much as some morons love to poin out how picking up a girl in a bar is the same, it isnt. A hookup in bar is a mutually consensual decision between two adults to have a sexual interaction. A girl will hardly go with a guy that disgusts her (and viceversa, generally). Prostitutes hardly pick clients. Some say they do, but it's a myth. The most repulsive, vile person in the world know that if he has enough money, he will be able to abuse a woman freely for a fee.

That is also why prostitutes generally exist, to give the possiblity of sexual activity to people who wouldnt be able to get it anywhere else. Uf you ever go through a red light district, the regularsa are usually guys that those girls wouldnt even ask the time to, on a normal basis. Instead with the right amount of money these people can decidce what to do. It's rape, justified by money.

It is not empowering. The girls are just objects and considered as such. Any website where people write "reviews" for legal prositution outlets, describe the girls and acts as they were describing a piece of flkesh they're buying at a butcher shop. It's repulsive.

Pornography and strip clubs are not the same. Yes they're vile and degrading but when it comes to a porn movie, you're watching people who are having sex with each other and faking in front of a camera. Ona distorted level, it's still acting. The debasement is there but stops to a certain point. And Strip Clubs are full of rules and codes of conduct who kinda make the whole thing far less wrong. Although both of those cases are STILL degrading, i find the use of pornography less damaging as an exit for a potential rapist, rather than him abusing prostitutes.

And even getting rid of pimps doesnt save girls from a series of abuses. Theres a lot of lies about legalized prostitution. The sanitary coverage they get, is way less attentive than one would think. Most of the safety measures are put on by the girls of their own inititive and some of them will even skim over that when offered extra money by a scumbag. Lots of them have "unofficial" pimps, who stay out of their "rooms" and give them "protection" from dangerous people for a percentage. To that, add the fact that the state exploits everything it can exploit in the situation.

As it often happens, the ideal situation would work but the reality is as grim as the non-legal version.

All that said, i realize that it will never go away. Still, dont ask me to say it's ok. It isnt. Sex is supposed to be fun. Nothing's fun there, no matter how hard you lie to yourselves.

And that is why i've been called a mysoginist pig.

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