lunedì 25 luglio 2011

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When a common reasoning man like myself reads something like the afytermath of the Oslo happenings, there isnt much left to say. I cannot go and ponder the reasons, the technical aspects or the political ramifications of something that caused almost over ninety people to be shot to death, a full area of a city to beirpped apart by bombs and more killings on top of that.

I am not going to brag about the fact that i'm not geographically that far from where it happened, so i felt like it was "closer to home" for me than the Tsunami or even 9/11. And i dont want to make statements with added value cause i know someone who lives there (and was left untouched thanks to chance and a timely vacation). I think that would be arrogant and pretentious.

Still, i feel hurt and a bit digusted by any form of cynicism or indifference about what happened (even if the reactions and grief were there, for once).

Some people still thought that Norway was too far from their bordwers to actually be able to care. And allow me to point this out: no matter where it happens, a man who kills almost a hundred people, targeting especially the young, is a problem to everyone. This killings werent made in the name of war, oil or some sort of religion, at least it doesnt seem so far. The place where they happned was a quiet land, calm, hardly newspaper fodder, peaceful. The person hold responsible for the killings wasnt a steretypical terroprist, in this age of racial profiling and Qran brunings. He is white, young, christian, well educated, a reader. Also a xenophobe, a conservative and with a face you would hardly notice in a crowd, if not to point otu he is kinda cute.

He is the retutn of the quintessential domestic terror: a man fueled by oneverload of information, a sense of righteousness and zealouous rage, attacking people because he wants his "values" to rule and he thinks society is a failure and needs to be cleansed of the rotten individuals.

He is an old type of terror that in the age of religious fundamentalism, and attacks that are genrally tied to larger schemes (and are generally the fodder of conspiracy theorists), has almost being forgotten. And that many will try to overlook. Some internet preachers and partisan journalists are already talking about him being a scapegoat, some sort of Lee Harvey Oswald, used to cover the REAL killers. Which i think is bullshit. But lets not get off track.

That tyype of monster has always existed and still exists and can pop up everywhere, no matter how peaceful or secure the country is. He will rant on the infinite reign of indifference that is the web, find some followers and then eventually explo0de. And hurt people.

It has happened before. It will happen again.

I'm not saying this to create a sense of dread. But waht i'm amazed at is how some people are reacting with indifference or trying to ignore the enbromous gravity of this. How some are shaking their head saying "i dont wanna know". How others are more interested in what happens in the world of celebrities and dont grasp what a LARGE, tragic number, ninety two people is. How seemingly many americans are only interested when people die in their own country.

Or, to be fair, how newspapers in my country are already exploting this carnage. To create a tragedy, or worse.

An infamous and yet extremely well paid and important editorialist for an italian newspaper, after failing to tag the shootings to islam has written a piece, today, that accuses the Oslo victims of being "Spineless kids, unable to react, too enamoured with their utopias to actually avoid death".

Some have actually agreed, commenting how the Norway Utopia was "too peaceful", "too docile", "too idealistic" and how armed citizens could have prevented this. So we're at the point of accusing a damaged nation of being pussies because they reached an ideal state of living before one of them decided, in the name of "god", that blood had to be spilled.

I dont understand. And i say "no comment".

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