sabato 2 luglio 2011

Music For Your Pockets: De Staat - "Waiting For Evolution"

If you are in the bunch of rock lovers whi know the band Queens Of The Stone Age and were disppointed in seeing them turn slowly but inesorably in a soulless hole of mediocrity, before putting out that epitome of "Meh" that was the super group Them Crooked Vultures, you owe to yourself to learn more about these Dutch fellas.

If uou never heard of the bands i mentioned, you're probably a martian, so i'll try to explain in terms your music hating martian brain understands.

De Staat play a take on rock thats very close to the one Queens Of The Stone Age were trying to pull off: a style that mixes everything and ends up creating something new. A bit of psychedelia, a bit of hard rock, a bit of grunge (god, i hate that word), a bit of funk, a bit of bouncey new wave rhythm.... A bit of everything and justa lot of creativity.

And De Staat definitely win in the creativity department. This album got them their breakout in 2009, with its weird sound mixture, their peculiar videos and some wildly insane live performances (for example, one with a steampunk -like robot drum-machine) and most of everything with their GREAT tunes that just get in your head and dont leave. They have another album out but this one is defnitely my favourite. Check it out, peasants.

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