domenica 3 luglio 2011

It's Not Funny

Ok, this is basically one of my weird rants where i just unleash my increasing inability to understand people in a written form, so either bear with me or skip it.

A frequent reaction i get when i talk about my increasing belief in the fact that people and society are going through ana alraming mental regression and slowly becoming an army of irrational, destructive children with social disoreders is often a sentence in the lines of "well, you just met weirdos, most people arent like that".

Or "Assholes are just louder". Or "Your country is full of weirdos, we dont have those here (note: here can be any place, including any shithole country where weirdos are actually more than the normal people).

No. Sorry. If you're sane, you mi8ght want to convince yoursefl that things are actually nromal and that the incresing insanity and cruelty of people isnt an issue but you would be wrong. It's a FACT: humani9ty is getting to the end of the line. People are becoming increasignly irrational, insane and erratic. A small group of intelligent ones is advancing but somehow the deafening stupidity of the majority is destroying what's left of the society's sanity.

Let me give you a few examples:

1) A recurring link to a series of photos ios being posted on the web. In these photos the picture of a raw skinned rabbit, sold at a supermarket is being passed as a "fetus of a dead alien". Usually something like that would be stuff for trashy tabloids. Yet, the photos have been shown on a Science Themed Tv Show as "Potential Proof" of the existence of aliens. That happens too, no worry. Problem is that said video is being spread like the plague on the web. Some rightfully cynical people, addressed how ridiculous it was, in humorous manners and those people were burned at the stake as haters and non believers. I personally got accused of being a hate mmonegerer and of being unable to grasp the "conspiracy".

Wake UP. Aliens never landed on this planet. If it happened, it did aeons ago. There was no "Area 51". Most of the films are fake. That picture is a skinned rabbit. The governement, any governement, isnt hiding UFO's. There are no UFO's. The sightings of them are usually hoaxes. If there is life in the universe, we probably will never meet it.

Realize this: your life ON THIS PLANET has to make sense. Stop hiding your head in beliefs that involve a possible sci-fi future of meeting the unknown. Because even if it's there, you will NOT see it. So focus on the present and stop acting like shadows are faeries.

2) There is no god or afterlife. People dont have auras or souls. And yet, daily, i meet persons who come upw ith newly found faith in Spiritual nonsense. Rational people who start believing in angels, in bveing able to communicate with the dead, in being able to talk to god, in prayer. Or people who become part of new cults that believe in the "inner spiritual energy" of mankind. Lots of those are quick to say that traditional religions are silly, or that Scientology is insane but then give money to the cult of Baba-Yiji-Wahwah. "Hey the man did suddenly become a spritual guide after losing all his money gambling, but he seems to be so wise".

I lost powerful minds to the false security of spirituality.Think about it: what proof do you have that any form of spirtuality or unearthly manifestation might be true? Answer: none. All you have is feelings, and feelings arent facts. The only truth is tangible and no spirituality is tangible. There's no special souls, dead people are dead, no god, no afterlife, no mystical energy, nothing. We are flesh with impulses and we only have one shot at living-. That is what makes life spescial, that it's all we have. If we dont use this time, we wont have a second chance. So stop hding in fables which are just there to make you less afraid of death. Death is logical and natural.

3) I keep noticing how ex-idealists or people who craed suddenly become socially disgusted pricks who got a job, or money or enough comfort to quit having a conscience but instead of still caring about the world witha different point of view, sold themselves to evil. I get it, cumfarts, you realized that all politicians suck and you can afford not caring abvout anbything cause you have a large income and will never fight about anything again but that doesnt mean that people who have ideals or simply get angry because their country is treating them like crap are all stupid.

Recently, my country is going through a phase of trumoil who could possibly lead towards change (or not). While i dont side with all protests, riot or actions, i have a firm belief that anyone who feels wronged has more right to act accordingly, than a person whose only contact with the system is through Facebook. If you havent voted in years, and i dont care if you think you did it out of some social principle, it's a lie, you ahve no right to beliuttle the ones who believe in change. You cant make jokes on how you hope protesters get clubbed to death. You cant post on blogs how disgusted you are by people that are passionate on beliefs because you think "ideals are for morons". You cant just express how disgusted you are at your countr and how you lack any interest in it, cause if you live here (and even if you move), it's still YOUR COUNTRY and you owe it ATTENTION. If you dont care or your only feeling is anrk, disgust or hate, GET THE FUCK OUT.

Go to the US and see how beloved you are there, Guido.

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