sabato 9 luglio 2011

Music For Your Pockets : Tame Impala "Innerspeaker"

Unless you're an empty sack of flesh who pretends to be human in order to get free meal coupons, you will have to agree with this: discovering a band that sounds like they were made EXACTLY for you, is awesome. Possibly, one of the greatest feelings on this planet.

As i said, unless you're one of thoise sad, empty, soulless beings who consider music as something to fill silence on a commute, you have felt that at least once. There was a band you discovered that touched all the right spots, pushed the right buttons, had that sound you really loved and wanted to hear. And let me tell you one special bit of news, that might improve your life for the days to come: there's always a new band out or yet to be formed, that is there just to get at your heart. You just have to find them yet. Speciual music is like speical people: even when you think you will never meet someone like that boy or girl that mnade you feel amazing, theres still someone out there who will. Actually, they'll make you feel BETTER.

I did not know anything about Tame Impala. A freidn dropped their name, talking about a future live show, and describing them as the possible "Next Big Thing". A quick search on the interweb made me realize that i might have missed something serious and showed me how these australian fellas were being adored like the new demi gods of old school rock.

Usually that means hype, and hype is a lie. But in this case, the band IS a miracle. Think of the best of slightly psychedelic rock from the sixities and seventies. Think early Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, The Byrds..... Think melodies that sound like they were born from a magical hart and drowned ina hjeartwarming cup of chocolatey fuzz and reverb with a strong dose of LSD and joy.

Think tunes that stick in your brain like glue but also long, trippy peaceful jams that make you feel like slightly shaking your head and dancing with a bunch of friends at sundawn, qhile the guitars wrap you up in a ball of awesomeness.

Get this one, even the special edition. It's a collector piece!

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