sabato 23 luglio 2011

Music For Your Pockets: Pearlene "Murder Blues & Prayer"

This record is from the ancient year of 2003 but it just came back up on my player and melted my heart into a tasty chocolate puddle, so you have to give it a spin.

Havent heard about these guy's late doings in a while. I know they pur out some other (excellent) records but last one was from 2008, if i'm correct.

Anyhoo, their sound is pure, amazing, tasty, warm and joyous Blues Rock. Think Of The White Stripes (but with an actual band), The Black Keys, The Raconteurs or more classically Rolling Stones, Cream, Yardbirds, John Lee Hooker, BB King.....

Its blues with a rocking edge. With balls, a heart and musical skills. And a voice that sounds like caramel coated awesomeness. Dont even think twice try this one out.

Take a Bite

This isnt this album (it's from their 2008 one) but it's the only available video and it gives you an idea

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