martedì 19 luglio 2011

A Special Post: Trainwreck In Sarasota "The Narrow Escape" - A Review

I've been lucky enough to put my brabby paws on an unreleased copy of Trainwreck In Sarasota (the solo project from musician Rob Livolsi) and i have to share this little diamond in the rough with you all.

If any of you want to get a taste of Rob's style, you should definitely grab his first EP "Something To Call Your Own", through the link at the bottom of this article. Its available for FREE, although it would be nice if you donated something to a talented musician that is trying to get his stuff out.

But, even more important, interest and support in his early (great) work will help him release officially the BEAUTY that is his new set of songs.

His sound is still deeply rooted in the tradition of neo folk/acoustic singer/songwriter material. What you can hear in the new songs is his guitar and his voice. But the level of skill and simple magic he acquired in the time that has passed between his early songs and this new stuff is something that words cant describe.

His guitar skills is incredible: simple, confident, mature. Differently from a lot of "troubadours", Rob doesnt rely ona few simple chords to get at your heart. He PLAYS and puts his soul in every single note. A few songs are instrumental and the absolute beauty of the sound of Rob strumming the chords, exploring a melody, getting in your soul and talking to you in the language of his guitar had my heart race.

I've been going through a bad run, lately. Life hasnt been nice to me, but listening to Rob, simply baring his heart through his instrument, made me feel different, better.

And when he sings, he sings through the heart. he sings about life and emotions and makes them relatable. But he also reached a power, a crisp quality to his voice that elevates hi òlyrics to poetry. Its like hearing Drake, Uncle Tupelo, Bon Iver, but rooted in reality and simplicity.

Possibly, this EP, is the most shiny example of how simple music, played from one heart to another through a set of notes and words, can strike chords that not even the most sophisticated piece of literature can.

I dont know how, or why, but i teared up. And wanted to listen to it all over again. Trust me, do yourself a favour and get his music. Help him out and youll be rewarded with magic.

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