lunedì 21 novembre 2011

You Have The Right To SHut The Fuck Up.

I am impressed by what i'm witnessing on the web these days. On the web not on the news. I opted out of trusting the news, since there is no way i can get the fact completely purified from opinions or bias, of any kind.

But images are images and there's not many ways to spin those.

I am not necessarily with the "Occupy" movement. On the contrary, i tend to think that most of their spokespeople are rambling idealists that suddenly feel the urge to change things that are rooted way too deeply. Still, i agree with a couple of their points. And i am absolutely and unequivocavbly shocked at how a lot of them are reacting with intelligence and strong, peaceful character to the almost surreally brutal reaction of the police force.

I've been hearing a lot of people that seem to have decided to follow the cause of "no matter what the protest is about, its wrong" and spreading some weird hateful anger all over the web, as a commentary to those images of peaceful people beaten, pepper sprayed, hit, while thy didnt event hint at acting violently. Ive read and keep reading an increasing number of people screaming for "an armed response towards the protesters" and how "they should be all shot".

Usually, those type of statements get dismissed by me and other people as "haters" who are simply expressing anger randomly from the infinitely pointless podium that is internet. Still, i am not sure about that. Actually i do not think that is the case at all.

You probably know people like those, somewhere. They are, with high chance, someone you know and, maybe, trust or like. In these times of crisisis, in front of uprising people a large number will become hateful. The idea of protest, peaceful or not, upsets them. They dont wanna see people prtesting. To them they're "hippies", "scum" or, to quote the always brilliantly retarded hack Frank Miller, "Thieves, Looters and Rapists". And they will justify that hatred with enough manipulated fake information.

"Protest is Useless", they will say. And that point will trickle down to the desire for violence.

A similar situation is omnipresent in Italy. Preotests are always labeled by the politically manipulated media as something dealt by "terrorists", so they can be suppressed with extreme violence. But the real threat will come from people who have no information but are filled with opinions. The herd of snarky, sarcastic, judgemental, ironic sheep who label any from of reaction to injustice as something stupid, cause its somehow more satisfactory for their ego to be on the "other" side, even if said side is populated by thieves and corrupted.

Those people would gladly clap for a dictatorship and for mass executions, as long as they can be against "hippies". And keep their comfy seats in front of a computer screen.

And now that the Berlusconi government has fallen, they are jopining the ranks of the ever lamentin g. Nothing is good, always complaining, never support change. Cause the only chosen condition is a condescending disgust that covers up indifference and uses freedom of speech as a shield for hatred.

Democracy is flawed, when in said democracy we include such people. Only right they have is the right to shut the fuck up.

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