giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Music For Your Pockets: Oosik

I always have some sort of hard time in finding great music podcasts. Theres a few that are perfect like Soggy Bog, but they generally are focused on a specific genre, and that, sometimes, forces me to subscribe to many at a time, since i have an insatiable love for all forms of music.

Lately, ive discovered a digital station,, which has a bunch of brilliant shows that are possibly the most diverse, heartfelt and brilliant ive ever found. One of the gems there is "Sonarchy Radio", one hour of live performances from artists that have the common trait of being, somehow, "outside of the box". At first it sounds like one of those writer manifactured sentences that really dont mean anything, but once you hear those bands, it fits: its musicans that can hardly be pinned into a genre, that love to play with it, mix its ingredients, defeat the preconceptions. Actual real artists.

Recetly, on this great show, i discovered the hypnotic beauty that is the duo named "Oosik". Their is a musical experience that is easier to hear and try than to explain. But for clarification: they're two guys, both handling percussions, synth and electronics. Their sound is a big flow of rhythm and trippy melody, that wraps around your ears taking you by the end to one of those alien places where only music can take you.

Their debut album "Molecules" gives you a feel of there chilly magnetism and melts your synapses well, but where they really shine is live (as all great musicians do).

So, give them a listen, see them if they're close to you and GET THEIR TSUFF. Dont make me punch you.

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