martedì 22 novembre 2011

Things You Shall Never Do Unless You Wanna Get Angry And Miserable

Living is war. With occasional breaks for tea and biscuits. But in general, life is aseries of great, amazing times, alternated with soul crushingly boring dirges. And piling moments that make you question why you exist and why you havent given up on the world yet.

I think the wisest choice is to pick battles, or let some things go, while trying to keep your spirit awake for others. Still, when it comes to my own spirit, i always tend to approach situations and people with passion and fire. I think getting pissed is healthy. I dont understand exceissive politeness or excessive restraint. It gives me the creeps. If you dont explode or react passionately at anything, you are a suspicious person to me, i cannot trust you.

But, theres moments, and people, that must be avoided, unless you wanna feel your spirit crushed and annihilated.

- Trying to discuss rationally with a moron

Deep in our heart, us rational and smart people always have this pulsating hope that we are actually able to make the world better. By using our most powerful weapons: our hearts and our heads. But sadly, that aint the case. Ever. Cause, you see, our marching, driven spirits, even when they're still at their peak of strength are destined to meet the toughest wall of the world: morons. You'll see them everywhere: racist assholes, homphobes, religious nuts, rambling hyperconservatives, animal haters, mysoginists, apathetic dumbasses, prejudiced people. I aint using these terms as most liberal thinkers would, to label people who think differently than me. I appreciate people who have opposite ideas, as long as they have intelligent points to back them. But whenever i have to face someone dropping "yeah, i just dont like niggers", "women are all sluts, its how it is" or "homosexuality isnt natural" and try to maintain my poker fa ce, i feel my soul hurt and i stop believing in good things and Santa Claus.

Theres no point in considering such people as humans. Theyu're not. they are leeches put on earth to suck the life out of others. They are here to destroy. And they hide behind their "right" to "have an opinion" and "tell it like it is". Lets be clear here: you have the right to have an opinion but i have the right to destroy you if your opinion is poisoning my life: freedom of speech = freedom of retaliation and consequences.

Civilized reasoning is wasted on them.

- Trying To Understand Love

Yeah, its hard. Emotions arent supposed to always be nice and clear cut. And no, its not necessarily a good thing. Dealing with someone you care for, in the good and the bad times, whether its a lover or a close friend, can be a pretty devastating road. Humans arent supposed to necessarily act rational and always understand each other. Sometimes we're just insane and we hurt the ones around us, especially the one we should take care of the most. Or the ones that really care about us. There's always a time in everyone's life where they get their heart crushed. And yet theres a time when they'll crush someone's heart without realizing. Or realizing and not really caring. Its how it goes. No one is always a victim or a villain. But in the end, wehn this thing is real, it defies any explanation and makes everything worth living and facing. Keep on trucking. Also, sex is worth it!

- You Cant Always Get What You Want

Theres a moment in your life where you have to realize and make peace with the fact that disappointment will always be there. Happiness is a very very thin line and whenever you have it, you have also to deal with its opposition. Things hardly go the way youd want them to. Too many possiblities of fucking up. Ypou hardlòy get your life as you dreamed it and even if you get close, there will always be a million details that fuck it up. Your job isnt what you dreamed. your daily routine isnt what you wanted. You never have enough money and your body is a trap.

But you know what? dont bitch too much. cayuse whenever things are bad, theres the unpredictability factor going on. Something marvelous, someone that makes your life special, or just a beautiful small moment are there and if you are focused on crying, bitching and complaining about menial things, youll miss them. And they wont come back. And your life will be over quicker than you think. So pay attention, emo.

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