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Storytelling: Wastelings

Onbce upon a time the earth was filled with some sort of strange parasite called humans. The planet, which was ancient and reslient, had tried to get rid of those curious beings many times, but failed.
Since the first day they showed up on her skiun, the parasites had been breeding and adapting, mutating and destroying everything that could be an obstacle for their growth. They were a smart virus, a series of weak, unarmed beings but gifted witha peculiar instinct for violence treachery and modification of their environment.
When the system attacked them they didnt just cave in. They modified themselves or the system so they could keep infestong and breeding.

After years of reigning and breeding the parasites came to a satlling point. They had built cities, technology, weapons, chemicals and remedies for everything. They colonized and exploited all sorts of land and became the most resilient pestilence that the universe had ever faced.
But now the resources were over. There was no more space for them.
And the only possiblity left for their future was a few years of war, hate, starvation and then, finally, extinction.

But the parasites had a brain, developed in years of evolution towards violence and cruelty. A brain that silently brought towards the idea that they were the final part of the food chain, the deities and the leaders of all that was and will be. They would not accept extinction. they would survive, even if it was for a few more years.

Science found a way, to modify the human genoma. Aging was stopped. Illness was removed. Physical imperfection was cancelled. No more need for nourishment or substainance. Humans were turned into a race of flawless, indestructible beings that didnt get old and did not decompose or get sick.

Still, there were some drawbacks. Cause the law of chaos isnt one to take treachery woithout biting back.

The removal of said physical attributes, also caused the human parasite to become completely sterile. Unable to reproduced and deprtived of a sex drive. They were condemned to be perpetually ageless eunuchs. Unable to create life, unable to feel the drive for it. No lust, no love. No illness. A limbo in which they would stay until the earth would find another way to erase them.

And yet the parasite didnt want to quit fighting. Yes they would not reproduce anymore por have children, like a breed of medicated monks. But there was a way to create more of them. Every human had their Dna taken, and used to harvest clones. Copies of them, with attributes chosen by science and not by chance.

Any of those expressionless, uniformed, emoty eyed ageless creatures could choose what part of them they wanted to harvest and that would be developed in vitro. Other beings, even more refined, airbrushed and perfect, fighting against mortality.

One issue though. Creating beings was prone to mistakes. On ten attempts at making a perfect being, nine were deformed, off track, mutated. They were sick, fleshy, screaming creatures, filled with anger, despair, lust, and some unfocused drive towards something they did not understand.

They were called the Wastelings. The new humans couldnt obviously kill them all, that was forbidden by their own moral and spirtual rules. They were still living things. So they were left to live in the wastelands.

The wastelings increased daily. The humans stopped creating them as soon as they noticed. The creatures were able to reproduce. And they did it a lot, driven by that same angry lust that sparked humanity in the ancient days. They couldnt speak or evolve. Had no clothes or ability rto create thoughts. They were screaming flesh, raging and fucking, bleeding and filled with viruses and corruption and mutations constantly coming up.

The new humans tried to destroy as many as they could, in bursts of angry violence that they thought they had overcome. All the repressed lust and emotion came out in a storm of nrutality when they exterminated the Wastelings. And yet they kept reproducing.

Some New Humans even coupled with the Wastelings, attracted by the morbid charm of that naked deformed flesh pulsating and oozing and screaming. Orifices that they didnt have or use anymore, multiple ones, in constant change and mutations. Some time the sex orifices grew teeth and fed on New Human flesh. Absorbing them into the deformity to create even different Wastelings.

And relentlessly, the Wastelings ate and fucked them into extinction, multiplying and breeding until they were the new parasite on earth. A breed of shapeless, screming animals, geared towards life or oblivion, changing and shifting with anger and hunger.

The new breed.

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