giovedì 10 novembre 2011

A clarification

Apparently, the sad state of our current economy, our position in the european system and the recent happenings in the news, are attracting the attetntion of the press and the public towards Italy.

I am not bothered by this at all. As a world traveler i am used at people looking down at me and my country with that quintessential sense of superiority that every country seems to have towards others. I had to chew on pride and anger multiple times and give up trying to explain to people that our country shouldnt be judged over our flaws. How for a high number of people that enable corruption, laziness and mysoginy, we have plenty more that are creative, intelligent and ytrying to improve life in the state.

But still, i gacve up, since the majority of people, even the smartest ones, love to see the flaws and thrive on those, because being on a pedestal and shaking your head in disdain is much easier and eventually satisfying than actually reasoning and oipening your mind.

Lately, though, the number of sarcastic, condescending comments i have to read or responf to has become unnerving. And the worst ones, unsurprisingly, come from fellow europeans.

Where apparently the citizenbs of the US, take what threy can of the news but try to avoid judgement about the situation, probably because americans seem to usympathize how it must feel to be constantly and unjustly labeled by the world without an actual reason, fellow eurpeans especially French and Germans, seem to enjoy themselves at taking only a light poercentage of truth, blowing it up, adding personal intepretation, and in the end dropping snarky judgemental tirades, not only on Italy's politics but on the basic concept of italy itself.

To that i answer: fuck you.

We have a corrupt prime minister that seems on the verge of falling but qill probably trick the system in order to obtain a chance to a comeback and a clean slate. But we are fighting to get rid of him. épeople march in the street and get attacked with clubs and tear gas, only to be named as terrorists by the press little after. We vote, we get angry and try to react daily to a country that has no jobs, no possiblity of survival and where the easy way out would be escaping. But many dont. We stay here trying to improve things even if its hard and borderline impossible. WE are the country. not the corrupt, not the indifferent.

So, when in your morning, in Berlin, you read a news article and feel the need to jab at a whole country and its people out of some misguided concept of democracy and superiority, remember my words: freedom of speech comes with freedom of retaliation. You talk bad about my people, or even ironically and i will answer about yours. And hit hard. Freedom and possiblity of discussion doesnt include you getting away free after insulting my land and spitting on our dignity.

You're free to keep your position, and i'm free to consider you an enemy for that.

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