martedì 20 dicembre 2011

That Will NOT Do, Pig....

I hate Doctors. There i said it. I usually think that "hate" as a word is way too strong to be used indiscriminately or without the safety net of a second thought. Mostly cause REAL hate is as powerful as love, if not more. Yes, love makes you happy. But a real, deeply rooted hate can give you an energy and a drive that is unparalleled. So i always have an issue whenever people use both words without care. Actually i am more prone to understanding towards a free-form use of the word "love". Hate is powerful, it has meaning. Dont waste it.

That said, i DO hate doctors. I think that doctors, lawyers, and journalists are three categories that humanity should get rid of if we want to evolve even barely. And i swear i mean this. I do not respect any person who is part of that professions. All of those three are a confederacy of two legged leeches who, with the help of the severely flawed and ridiculous laws that us hairless chimps have put up to self convince ourselves that we were able to work that whole "Society" thing out, have been exploiting human suffering on different levels.

Yes, there have been doctors who have discovered cures and helped people, but as the social circus has moved on, those have become less and less. When was the last disease that has been succesfully cured? The last pharmaceutic discovery that has really helped mankind?

Instead, we have those overpaid pill pushers who endsalve patients to all sort of chemical paraphernalia, so they can suck their blood one drop at a time (a dead patient doesnt give money but a cured one doesnt either), that have egos that are unparalleled and wouòd destroy anyone in the name of the Farma companies.

I have had a flu recently, and the flu has turned into a persistent cough that doesnt seem to go away. So i, with a heavy heart, decided to visit a doctor.

This guy, which is the one that my healthcare affords, used to be a dentist.

He wasnt even a bad dentists, if that means anything. He did the job. But he always was a rude, filthy, animal who enjoyed cracking jokes at patients on their illnesses and openly molest his assistants.

Nowadays, he looks like a large swine, covered with a crusty grey fur. He is still an asshole. So he visits me, tells me i should go ona diet (to which i answer with a stare that makes him go "yeah i know, but at my age, food is better than pussy". Oh you). And then prescribes me a therapy of antibiotics and inhalations. When asked for more details he just says "well would you let me do my job? i am the professional here!"

After the first day, the cough is slightly worse, the meds were ultra pricey and i confirm my theory.

Kill all doctors.

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