venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

His Screams Hurt Me, So I Cut His Tongue

I'm pretty sure i can speak extensively abou my own side of this story, because i am excessively aware and i have taken a lot of time for myself to ponder on it. But it's a darkness many share and even more dont alk about. Its there and it's a fact, and it's what slowly kills people, even more than diseases. And while indifference isnt good, thats not what im talking about.

When you are ill, and in my case, when your mind is ill, the cures often do not take away the rotting roots of the problems. You visit someone who is a servant of an industry who wants to enslave people to pills. So you get given medicines that silence you and put your brain into a vat of grey tasteless soup of numbness. And you still want to scream but your voice is gone.

And that's where the darkness resides: ive been thinking about it and i think i grasped the truth. It's not for you, defnitely. They dont wanna cure or help you. And while its is for their own pockets, they cant stop there too. What the idea of a "Cure" in such cases is, is for your relatives and the people around you.

And while i know that a lot of you feel loved, bear with me while i try to explain. People around you see the external aspect of your pain. In the case of mind pain, they only see the manifestation of it. Your screams, your tears, your anger.

So what the "cure" does, is silence those symptoms. It muffles your screms while your head still feels them. It locks your head in a silenced cage. The ones around you dont hear it no more. To them, youre ok, cause they dont SEE or HEAR you suffering. And even if they would never admit it in broad daylight, that is ok for the most of them.

From the age of lobotomies, padded cells, shock treatments, we've moved to one where the doctors just lock you in silenced roopms that have no physical presence and no walls. They are padded cells in your brain. They null you so you dont bother anyone ever again. Yes there are side effects. But when you live with a person who suffers, you can cope with a few sacrifices if there is a way to make it stop. and that means make them stop being able to cry. Being able to need you. Ask you for help. Ask you to listen.

No, its a couple of pills and they are empty vessels, and you can go on with your life and forget it all. And that means they are cured.

And thats so similar for other illnesses, too. Why cure, when we got hospitals to lock them out of sight? Places where they are taken care of by strangers that are paid to take the burden off your shoulders and see what you dont wanna see anymore.

Cause in the end the "Cure", isnt a solution for the people who suffer. Its a wayu to shut them down and make them invisible. So we can forget they're there.

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  1. So true, plus that is how they deal with kids these days too. Just diagnose everyone ADD or ADHD and throw pills at them. The pills are for the teachers and parents, not for the kids benefit