giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

The Debate Of The Invisibles

I dont know if you noticed the change. Like the big changes of history, it came with a whimper and not with a bang (yeah, im quoting poetry).

It has come to my attention that in this time, where the universal situation of humanity, in any field, might be one of the worst in years, something seriously disturbing has happened. Discussion, has died.

And i aint talking about suppression of freedom of speech, onb the contrary. There has been an excess of freedom of speech on all fronts that has caused, like any person that has st6udied sociology could explain, an internal selection.

To explain the fact in layman terms: perople are in crisis, its our nature, we always are. We are a species that has been created facing the constant dilemma of balancing our unstoppable need for other people to interact with us, and our natural destructive instinct towards them an ourselves. We are built to hate and attack but we have to proliferate, so we try to handle things with presumed intellectual superiority, rules and unspoken pacts.

So we create the idea of "democracy", a beautiful theory, but impossible in practice. And we start facing the difficulties of working out that utopia, with multiple tools. The major ones are war, a contradiuction in terms that is still necessary to create equilibrium, unless it falls into the territory of endless skirmishes that slowly wipe out ant rensemblance of civilization, and discussion, debate, arguing.

If you ever studied the primal roots of politics, ideally speaking, debate is the key to the resolution of many issues. In its purest form, two opposing parts explain to each other the good and the bad sides of their own opinion, they clash, they shift each other's point of view, until both obtain a different perspective on the issue. They know more on the opponent and themselves. They leatrned something and reach a compromise. That is evolution through words. One of the few and greatest achievements that humans have uniquely.

But like many other uniquely human traits, it is dying. Humans are decomposing socially. Anything that made us a species that was able to survive through special aspects of our brain and personalities is deteriorating fast. We are hurting our own children. No species does that, not with the sadism and gratuitous cruelty we have. We build religions, and credos and use them as motivations to kill. And even if those ideals dont fit we use others: pacifist are as aggressive as warmogerers, conspiracy theorists who accuse politicians and religious people to be suppressor of the truth, are even more arrigant and dominating as their enbemies.

Humans are deteriorating as a low form of aniimal without abilities or nobility or dignity and a buinch of tools to destroy.

Debate is dead. Where once smart èpeople could change opinions and evolve spirits, now, thanks to social network and biased media, a series of spineless, creeping venomous negativity ridden parasites has taken over.

No matter what happens, negativity prevails. A violent tyrant is taken over by the people9, weho finally gained freedom? tyhere will be no cheering for that. Only sarcasm, viutriol and cyncincism.

Wanting to change things, having hope, having ideals, believing in things and being progressive are negative traits that are crushed with constant sarcasm, stalking hatred and humiliation.-

The weak ones that try to stand up for themselves, the ill, the victims of rape, the victim of racism and misogyny are now afrauid of speaking, even m0ore than in the past. Because now, instead of a specific group of stone throwers, theres an army of cowards that hate indiscriminately and thrive on creating pain with a smile on their lips. They are perfe ctly normal people too. they used to be smart, maybe they still are. they are your friends, your spuses, your neighbours. There's a hater in evryone of them. They will find what starts their own hate wave and they will become the problem too. them and their "epic fail". Thjem, and cracking jokes on cancer victims, lupus victims, handicapped people, races, sexes, in the name of being "incorrect".

Being politically incorrect is justified when you have humour. Most people do not possess humour. So no they do not have the roight to speak freely. Tim,e to fix the flaws and cleanse this world.

Some bridges need to be burnt and most people need to be punched.

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