martedì 3 aprile 2012

Professional Humoredians: Dna Gould

When you think of comedy, you probably think of punchlines, setups, slketches, pop culture references.

You might think of the horrifying slapstick covered trickery of Dane Cook. Or the bite sized satire of a Lewis Black. But one guy that might not come to your mind instantly is Dana Gould.

And you'0d be wrong. Because not only Gould is a name in comedy and an influential one now, he has been HUGE. He changed the game for everyone. Transformed the rules. Inserted his own demonic wit and derailed sense of pitch black humour into the scene'0s decaying dna. And added, for the first time, possibly, a healthy and devastating dose of personal emotion in it.

He created characters. He dissected himself and hios rough life onstage. He talked about demons, self destruction, emotional issues for a laughing audience. He melted down for them.

Where average comedians opted for impressions of hyper known characters, politiucans that were on everyone's mind, Dana dropped fewer and more insanely detailed ones of figures that were almost forgotten: Don Knotts, Vincent Price, JFK and so on.

And he made them fuynny. Scratch that, he made them hilarious. Edgy and different. And he moved on to act with some of them. To write for influenbtial pop culture staples like The Simpsons. Become one of the big guys.

Then personal issues and life made him shatter and retire, on a quest for ideas. And he found them . Found a new life with adopted girls and had a comedic rebirth.

Now he has a podcast of his own and new stand up. But you might find him on every podcast in the universe, making guest spot.- Cause he dfoesnyt quit, ever. He's Dana Fucking Gould.

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