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The World Of The Draw Something Mutants

Since the world of trends, games or populart apps goes faster than a virgin at his first sexual encounter, all i'm gonna write here is gonna possibly sound outdated very quickly. For all that i know, maybe when your eyes wearily read these lines where i placed my heart and cleverness, IOS applications and games will not even exist anymore and everyone will only play with their own genitals (a turn that i would be completely in favour of).


I am slow at jumping on trend wagons and at followingthe latest itches to scratch. never liked angry birds, always ignored Words With Friuends, hate all the facebook games (if you invite me at a Ville, i will erase yuou from my life).


I have a person in my life, whiom i trust more than anything or anyone, a person that is basically the sun around which my little shitty universe revolves. And when she reccomends things, i trust her. So, yeah, i am one of the Draw Something children, my minions. Feel free to point and laugh (and then attempt to use said finger to draw the word "omnivore" on your tiny phone screen). i know what you are, liars.

If uou lived on the planet Fisterello for all this time, you might not know what Draw Something is. Let me explain shortly with you under this mistletoe: it's a game, you moron.

The idea is a turn based game, where you and your friend, soon to be worst enemy, attempt to draw a word for the other to guess. The harder the word is (according to the game's quite random and puzzling parameters), the quicker you are, the more points you receive. If you fail, you dont loose completely, but you loose your streak and generally fail at life and youre probably a sad person that will never have anything good in its life. Well, dont cry. Thjere's still cut the rope, or cutting yourself.

So what really makes the player stand out really is how good or (way more often) how bad they draw the word. I have encountered plenty of styles but the following seem to reflect sometypes that are diffused in this joyous community of job skippers.

Loosely inspired to real people, to whom i profess my love and ask for eternal forgiveness.

- The Campy

The player is really good at drawing, possibly does it for a living and has a powerful competitive streak and a perfectionist nature. So all those factors combine into a perfect drawing, note-making machine of destruction-. Say the word is "Leaf". The Campy will draw a museum worthy painting of a rtree a garden, children playing and fruit, complete with shadings, collour touches and notes on possible corrections of the shapes. Oh yeah and an arrow pointing to a leaf, but thats not the point, is it?

- The Vivi

The player has a strong sense of humour, a vast knowledge of pop culture and references, is quick minded and very clever and likes to challenge the opponent's patience and ability to guess the non-obvious. So It will pick non-immediate words or turn the easy ones into sets of intelligent and sometimes obscure or humourous references to sex acts, movies, songs, books and other ideas. Say the word is "Scar". The drawing will be of a renidtion of a harry potter scene, detailed and complex. An arrow points to Harry's scar. not that hard if only for the small factor that The Vivi's drawing skills are goiod but not perfect and deriven by impatience (which shows fully when it guesses the opponent words after two seconds), so it's final result will be harder to decipher. Still playing with a Vivi is a riot.

- The Daniel

This player plays for real. No frills or silliness. Picks words that are decipherable or drawable, even if less point worthy. Then does a simple, not too complicated drawing that gets the point across quickly and with no hassle. Guessing its words isnt complicated, but not necessarily easy. All you need is a brain and use it well. He is also a good guesser, not to stressful on time. Playing with a Daniel is relaxing and pleasant and takes stress off of your weary head.

- The Rhi

The Rhi is an unpredictable player. Generally she draws very, very well. And has a quick and clkever sense of humour coupled with a sense of art. Her drawings are a good combinations of prettiness, beauty, and hard to decipher puzzles. They can be quite challenge. Yet, once in awhile, they might become too puzzling. Images that only allude to the main word will pop up and the opponent will have to loose neurons to figure those out. Still a Rhi is patient and good natured. So worth the effort.

- The Andrea

Any Draw Somthing Player'sworst nightmare. An Andrea cant draw a straight line. His words are scrawny balls of distorted hyerogliphics, seen under a heavy dose of LSD. When they contain word, they are scrawled out in a jittery, unreadable writing that is unreadable to anyone besides the author. Not even The Andrea can often figure out what he just drew. Also when he has to figure out stuff, hes often slightly off center, so he takes an unlimited amount of time to even catch theobvious. If you think an Andrea is in yourplayer roster, run like hell.

Not seeing yourself here? well move your stupid chubby ass and write your own list! Fags.

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