lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Hello, Homophobes

I finally need to realize this: civilization does not exist. And it isnt for the fault of the people, as many seem to beleive. The human species is flawed and defective but its also eminently malleable. Yes, with some individuals, theres more work required than others. But more on that later.

A simple event with its butterfly-effect like implications can be strongly telling.

A popular italian musician, strongly rooted in the pop-music immaginary of my country dies of a heart attack, at age 60. Lots of people loved his music, or had it somehow being part of their memories. He was one of those musicians that had an ear for good pop, the type that got a lot of airplay and became a part of the soundtrrack of people's lives, whether they loved him or not.

Also, he was one of the few public fiugures to openly come out as a homosexual, in his later years, doing a brave move and exposing himself to rejection.

And surprisingly people did not reject him. At all.

But now that he has died, the press, in that glorious display of mass hyponosis masked as politcally correctness are shaping the mentality of a country that already struggles constantly with the influennce of a homophobic religion and roots of consrevative hatred, in a direction of polite blindness towards the natural diversity of humanity.

Which in laymen terms means referring to the man's long time partner, lover, companion as "a friend".

The average reaction would be "Its words". But if youre slightly more clear minded than a rock, you will know that it isnt "just words".

The Press shapes people's brains. Public figures do. And by refusing to openly discuss the EXISTENCE of homosexual partnership, by hiding with with moralistic denial, or with the oh-so-repulsive shield of "you dont talk about that", you are crating the ground for hatred and homphobia.

In a background where "some things arent discussed" and famous people have to hide their sexuality or if they embrace it, be like cartoons and be ready for the hate thrown them, kids do not come out and keep things inside to fester and bleed.

In such a background, suicides are high and ignored. They ont make the news cause the society wants to ignore that aspect.

An opnely gay character on a reality show, which, like it or not, are often a tool to test the murky waters of mass mentality, gets death threats sent to his family or at best comments in the spirit of "if i had a son like that i would kill him". Only the person who says that is nto labeled as hateful character butr considers him/her self an "average person saying what everyone thinks".

In this society the two options are hiding, escaping or being ready to suffer.

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