martedì 10 aprile 2012

If You Dont Understand This Piece Then Youre Part Of The Problem

The simple act of abuse is far more than one word. It's not as well defined as most scientifically tempered doctors or average people might make you think.

Honestly, the action of separating the types of abuse you can unleash on a victim, usually a child or a spouse, has been a positive step in the right direction. Yes, mentalk, verbal and physical abuse are different, and bless heavens for our fucked up, twisted race to finally get it.

Still theres a large grey area, which isnt grey for its own nature but has been made grey by years of indifference and silence. Its a place where all those forms of nbegelect Ad torture melt together and become a commonly accepted behaviour or form of education or interaction.

A child's soul and spirit are not frail. A child can be resilient as any living creatuire. MNade stronger by the natuyral suyrvival instinct that he is blessed with by nature, at biorth and hasnt been yet pried off of him by society's and love's cold pliers.

Still, a child has one fatal flaw. The same flaw you can find in people plagued by love or marriage. Trust.

That flaw, that weak spot of softness is what allows the predator to bend their inner spirit befoire it breaks. And eventually snap it into numbness.

You can make a son or a dfaughter believe that you are not doing anything wrong to them. You arentseuxally abusing them or huting them severely. Other people have it worse. They do have a roof pon their heads and food and somehwere to live. And for thpose things they can be made beleive that they owe you. They owe you their existence.

And a spouse can be made believe that no matter how strong their nature is, no matter how resourceful they are, how full they'relife was before they came in touch with the burning, scalding, torture that has been your union, they cannot go back to living like they would be naturally supposed to. They need you. they're bonded, theyre crippled and dependent from your exuistence. And you own their breathing, sweat and tears. And blood.

And with that, you can use words that slowly peel off their ego. Thaat erase their self esteem. Their will to live. their curiosity and natural instincts and interests in the world.

With carefully placed doses of physical and mental torture, you can easily make them void, empty shells of fear and guilt.

Guilt, a powerful notion that mixed with fear, loneliness, isolation and despair (which can be obtained by severing with force all the contacts they have with potentially influential figures in their existence) makes them as malleable as putty.

And theyt wont know they are beign abused.

They will bear those scars into their life. Maybe unleash the same on someone else soon. A legacvy of cruelyty. Whoich is what builds and sustains so many lives in the world.

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