domenica 29 aprile 2012

You Are Wroing: WhyA Lot Of Activism Is Failing

I do not have anything against activism, in any form. I believe in activism, although my heart sits with the strength of actual risky activism. I believe in taking stance. I believe in change. And i deeply despise indifference and cyncicism. The world is a c rumbling place not because of evil, violence or separation between humans. It is unbearable because of indifference.

I have mor eunderstanding for racism, Mysoginy, homophobia and all forms of hatred than i have for indifference. Refusing to vote, shrugging your shoulders violently and taking the stance tro not care, is the real poison that enables the slow and unstoppable decay of the social organism.

Yes, i am aware that most of action, stances and fights are probably pointless, wrongly done or will probably end in nothing.

I am aware that most social fights (one big gaping example is the recent Occupy Wall Street campaign) are handled largelky by obnoxious people that are unfocused and disorganized and driven more by a generic disdain for authority, rather than an actual interest for change.

I am also aware of how many cases are oyut there of good causes that revealed themselves to have been manipulated into lies and treachery. When i learned how the Joseph Kony case was a big mess, i was also disgusted.

But indifference is not allowed ina democracy: If you wanna live in a social context you are required to take stances. Real ones.

In the digtal era, its eems that maximum effort for change is Sharing slogans on Facebook. postign videos and pictures. That, in most cases, does NOT promote awareness. It drives awaty the focus of people on the real issues.

To make it clearer: animal activists, please do not post heavily photoshoppes of abused animals that some ill advised friend shared with you to promote a shady cause. You wont make everyone vegetarian by showing nearly pornographic shots of abused cows. All you will do is make me disgusted.

Use words. The right ones. "Hate" is a powerful word. As much as love. It is supposed to mean something. To act as a fuel and as a weapon. Spreading ity everywhere mnakes it loose meaning.

A person that does not agree with your belief or has an opposite poin of view to yours is NOT a hater. A person who wants to argue is NOT a hater. And you yelling your belief and how much your heart is wonded because people do not agree with your ideas wont change minds, no matter how right the idea is.

You will not win people over with gruesome images. Not with obsessive over the top slogan, not with constant whiny monologues on how nobody understands you or endless sob stories.

On the opposite, that will transform potential people on your side into indifferent ones. Or REAL haters.

And as much as you thrive on the ideal that you "do not care" about other people's opinions, you do. And you need them, because youre one limb of a functioning body. You work on your own but you need the others too.

So the ideal is strategy, psychology and actual activism. Make people understand and they will follow.

And please stop yelling.

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