venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Out Of Context

Terrorism. A man enters a building, eventyually owned by the state, filled with people. He has weapons. He takes hostages. Fear and violencer is used to make a statement. The common reaction of the police force should be to incapacitate the person and save the hostages. Negotiations might occcur, but in some cases, theyre not possible. So a grim ending is the only available output. What happens next is also key. In some insatnces the act could have been driven by insanity or despait. In others, by need of money or as an extreme gesture of assault against the system represented by the state. Or in most cases, the person is a fuckup. The reaction of the press will generally talk about the terror of the victims, the intervention of the police. What could've been done. The person with a gun is the viaìllain, and thats how its supposed be. But. The crisis changes things and half the world seems to ignore it. Even the countries that are supposed to acknowledge their own despair seem to revel in some sort of self pity or, worse, some sort of poetic romanticization odf despair. Thjere's no need for solutions when we can cru about the problems and wait for a hypotetical "Someone" to solve them instead of us. A man, yesterday, entered the local fiscal agency. He was bankrupt Entrepreneur. His business hadf failed and he was indebted to the poin of despair. Where some commit sauicide he decided to react by making a grand gesture. With weapons he took hostages and asked for a "Resolution". Police arrested him after a whole day of tension and fear, Herte's where the change sets off. The man, indesperate times, where people have no job, no money, and mostly no hope, becomes some sort of a symbol. Papers, and worst odf all, social commentators, let alone the mass of unfocused sad humanity thatr is the intertnet decides to make him a herpo. A symbol. Someone that pushed by desperation has decided to use froce against an indifferent state that has decided to set the balance straight by crushign the citizern with increasing demands of money. And there lies the flaw. Because, if desperation is largely understandable and must cause empathy, the point here is very close to self made justice. Because now that the public opinion thinks that a man using wepaons and taking hostages out of despair, in times where there is NO future or anything at the horizon unless you run far far away, is doing the right thing, people will copy his actions. Or do worse. In the hope that using louder and louder statemnts, maybe things will change. Because thanks to years of indifference and shadiness from the big wheels and yesrs of sermonizing wordmsiths have created the idea that if you actually use force, you can obtain results. What this will cause instead, after the spreading of the infection, is a brutal answer. Less freedom. more punishment. And so it begins the unraveling of a scoial system and the descent into chaos and looting in the streets. We watched snarkily when it happned to greece. Then more worringly when other countries had the same. I see a future where terorism is born and blood is spilled in the name of resolputions that are just impossible. I honestly am scared.

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