martedì 28 febbraio 2012

Your Best Friend Is The Enemy

In times of trouble, tension and turmoil, and were stuk in those times now, as we've been for a long, long time, one has to realize that, even if life would be much easier to handle if people were reasonalbe and able to think twice before they speak, ponder opver situations and statemnts, act and speak with a combination of guts, brains and heart, that is very diffucult to make practice.

As a consequence, if you are a thinker, a rational person, who faced with daily anger, fights and small and big issues that all rotate toward the gigantic flaw of mankind, which is interaction, you shall get ready for one thing: recognize enemies.

The idea of enemies might strike you oddly, if youre used to befriend people. An enemy isnt necessarily someone who hates you or you hate. It isnt solely an individual who damages your health, life or mental stability in a direct manner. Those exist, but they are almost a blessing, because they are easy to find, identifiable, targetable and in the open about their role.

The real risk is not realizing when you are surrounded by them in hiding, or to use a very silly clichée, in sheep clothing.

Hardly before now i have realized how a lot of people i usually would identify as harmless or even feiendly, can quickly turn into poison during a daily existence or a casual conversation.

And even if at times, your own passion might feel like a burden to you, do not give it up. Fighting makes you alive, and even the small fights are necessary, if you have to protect people you love or most importantly, the integrity of your own soul.

See your own spirit, and i swear this is not meant to be one of those disgusting new age-y metaphores, as a fire that needs to be kept alive and well. You can keep the high road about the insigngicant silliness of most arguments, about people's petty negativity and about their small repulsive soul-hole. Still, you need to be true to your own heart and it's values. So if you're a decent person, like i think you probably are if you are reading this, remember clearly:

They will hide that as "their right to speak openly", as irony or as a casual statemnt. But its isnt.

They will try to shove hatred in your ears, make spiteful statements in public or on social networks (and no matter what people say, every word counts, even if it's "only on the internet".

They will clap when people die, make hateful jokes about others pain, spew homophobia, racism, sexism and bile,. masking it with their own need to be 'incorrect.

They will promote illiteracy, indifference, apathy, disgust towards life and cynicsm as positive values.

Try to conince you that sarcasm is always good and that not caring is hpow it must be. That you are silly and juvenile for loving life and all that it has to give, that your passion is wrong and misdirected, that you have to be empoty, bitter and carelss like they are.

They will, sometimes make you hate a right cause becauser they use it for hate. They will use the rightyful fight for animal rightys, for women or for children to turn the game upside down and use it as a werapon toi attack others. And you will question everything you thought was right. And also why peoiple you trusted, loved and admired, suddenly became that way. At first it might be a smnall thing, and insignificant one. But it wont stop there.

So do not be afraid to fight back. And be true to your own fire. Even if it costs at first. Always fight for the thibngs you think are right.

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