martedì 7 febbraio 2012

It's a a hard road to rationalization.

I consider myslef a good person. I might have a lot of hard opinions on issues and i'm far from balanced or morally clean. I have had my moments of open minded niceness, and my belief in the chance of improving the world or at least making it humanly tolerable exiusted at some point. Yet, with years and disillusions, that belief faded away like a poster for a cool convention that no one attended.

It rained on it and was replaced by the need of being more strong an inflexible on a few belief, so i wouldnt slowly drown into the cotton mouthed quicksands of apathy.

No, i do not believe in the legal systetm, i stated that before. And i also often think that capital punishment could be neccessary. And yes, i have a vehement hate focused on how in modern society, rapists, abusers and murderers tend to be the ones that afford justice.

That happens because criminals,- often, are backed up by families or people that are prone to get them out of prison and punsihment at any cost. And the protection of a lwayer is a good that is traded like any other good. Justice is now debatablre, and modifiable through an exercise of literatre wording, made more easily poiled by the inner manipulations of legal shenanigans.

Yes, i am aware of the frutration that such view causes. And i have felt angry before.

Yet , this morning, some person opted ofr posting in a public network an image coming from the streets of Brazil. Depitcting a man accused of rape, and punished through streeet justice, his genitals cut and stuck in his throat, as a statement. His victims were, alllegedly, children.

Under the picture a stement but the poster, in the lines of "share if you want this type of justice to be used in our country". Under that, any form of open reaction of digust was sturned into an accusation of being pro-rape. Else, it was celebration and excitement.

While on a conceptual level, i can understand the gut reaction against rape, whether it involves children or not, and on thta there could a be a long sicussion, since it seems that a lot of people are volatile if the rape involves children but get suddenly more prone to forgiveness when its full gwon adults, i cannot, as a human being, accept the mentality behind that.

Not because i am civilized, or a prude. I hate too.

But what that really is, isnt a need to make a statement for justice: it's pornography of hatred. Litterally.

Violence and anger are connected to sexuality, when it comes to males. And in the modern age, the main justification for the not-so-secret arousal you ahve towards an image of violence, is a need for justice. A need to set things right. A need to do a greater good where someone else failed.

To explain more clearly: you are using the excuse of justice to sporead and cover up your unjhealthy exzcitement towards violence. And to not be labeled as sick, vile individual, as you are, you use the shield of justice and freedom of thought. Your beliefs are the cloak under which you hide your sickness.

The obsession for showing animal cruelty to promote an animalist message is simlar: you are basically excited by the sudden burst of adfrenaline you receive from your won idnignation or sickness but you cover that shameful feeling with a good cause. Once we had "faces of death", now we have social statements.

It's obsessing on child pron ography in the name of children. Abuse in the name of equal rights. Racial jokes against racism.

But dont post tits, those are dirty.

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