mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012


I might conseder myself above the adulthood line. I have matured, ripened and gone through a fast process of decay that has gained the prize of "Cranky Old Fuck".

Now i'm well too good natured and slightly smart to be one of those sad cases that become ten times more annoying than the old relatives they have stuck into a hospice, before they reach the age of forty. I still enjoy life. If anything, my maturity has made me enjoy life more, purified from the slight amount of idioticv obsessions that i got in the past years. I love my passions. I love sex. I love love.

I wont be sitting at home all day staring at the emptiness, cause i'm "too old"

I wont become ignorant, apathetic and without interests cause "i'm too busy" (there is no such thing as too busy. even at the busiest. Just admit youre dead)

I wont start chuckling at what i liked in the past, saying that lethal sentence that is "ah, i was young back then, i was foolish....". Thereis NO limit age to be foolish.

I will always enjoy my guilty pleasures. Only my pleasures have no guilt. Cause pleasure is pure. has no age, has no shame and makes your life tasteful.

I will not have shame or bitterness or frustration in my heart cause no matter how down i am and how quick life is going by, i know i will be able to be awesome to my last dying breathe, because that is how i am.

If i have a child, i will spend time and effort on making it happy and not on sermonizing on the mount about how enlightened i am or how people dont "get it" or how "i have a better view of the world" since i (partially) contributed at creating a talking pink thing.

Still there are a few reasonings that i might have acquired through the later stages of my maturation:

- The myth of bullied kids taking over their bullies when time passes by, is a myth. Weak and bullied kids will meet new bullies in the future. The bullies will probably be succesful, cause yes a lot of them are potential failures but even more will actually use the very reasons they were bullies to be succesful: attitude and a rich, money filled upbringing. A rich asshole kids that has a family that will back him up no matter how cruel and mean he is, will not get any comeuppance. He will become an important person and bully his employees even more. Maybe even harass or downright abuse a few. And hat will be regarded as "Balls".

And the frail, intelligent, sensitive kids will grow up frustrated and dry up or worse, find drugs and self destruction. The only way out is hardening up and yet keep a little bit of yourr heart alive. And on that, parents can help. Get off thata ss once in a while.

- I still am concinced that parretning isnt supposed to be nothing more than giving you child support and the basics to stand on his own legs. If they dont do that, it's nto your fault. You can admit that: your child is a loser that will never amount to anything. You have not fucked up. Losers sometimes are bor like that and theres no amount of good parenting that will fix that.

Still, you at least have to guarantee to your kids a solid, loving background. If you are a single lady with a million kids and yet you keep dating douchebags, you have no right to whine on how life is not fair. You possibly have something broken in you that will doom all your children to eternal unhappiness. So stop having kids, give yours to better parents and put a corkscrew in that thing. Oh and if you are a man, causing that? Cut it off. Youre a biological hazard with pants.

That said i love babies. like a lot. especially the one that isnt mine. so i might be bad parent one day, who knows.

- Young people are stupid. Its not age difference or a different world. they are morons with moronic taste. They will be our downfall. That said i like Bieber's voice in Mistletoe.

Farewell, minions.

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