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Storytelling: Mr C and The Legless Heart

Once Upon A Time, in an Empty House, a Man and a Woman gave birth to a creature called Mr C.

Mr C was not a product of love, he came out of a stove one morning, crawling and crying blindly, looking for warmth and shelter and trying to make his voice heard in this world but nobody rellay noticed his presence. So he looked for food by himself and found a way to survive and grow stronger. He became friends with the rats, who were actually quite nice when you talked to time and were actually very tired of being chased around the house all day and threatened. They shared their treats with Mr C and helped him become versatile in the art of dodging danger.

Mr C gre enough to be noticed by the house owners who suddenly realized hed been eating their food for all that time and befirending those horrible pests that had been plaguing their home for all those years. Their first instincts was to boil him in a pot and eat him but they decided to make a deal with him: he'd live and could eat and stay there if he killed all the rats and kept the house clean and pretty.

Mr C did not want to kill the rats, they were his friends. They were nice to him. But he had to or he wouldnt survive. The rats begged him to let them live, even run away far from the house. Yet that wasnt pissble, since the owners requested to see their dead bodies as proof. So Mr A had to do it, and killed the rats. It was the first time he actually fel a pain that wasnt due to hunger or cold, or fear. It was a weird pain, deep inside. A pain with no borders, edgy and stingy that made want to stop eating and sleep forever. So he tried to ignore it and for once, he succeeded.

The work in the house was tiring but made time pass. Teh owner were obsessed by perfection. They would attack Mr C if even a slight detail was wrong, starve him and beat him. But weirdly enough, that pain was not that big confronted to what he felt when he had to kill the rats. So he just let them do what they wanted.

One day they died and left him alone, in the empty house. As bad as they treated him, they were all that Mr C had in his life and being alone was something he had never experienced before. Mr C was feeling that pain again. Stronger. And this time, it wouldnt go away. It kept growing and aching, making him cry bitter salty tears and stay awake at night. making him starve until he started fainting.

Mr C had to solve this. So he went to the Town's Witch Doctor. The doctor, after being paid a large fee, examined Mr C.

"There's nothing really wrong with you, little man. What causes you this suffering is something everyone has"

"And what in Tarnation is that?" (said Mr C, who had started reading the house books at night and wanted to speak like the owners to feel big and strong)

"It's a thing that makes you be different from a sponge or a cucmber. Not that sponges or cucumbers need that, but thats that"

"I dont wanna feel that pain anymore. It's horrible. More horrible than being hungry or being beaten or anything. I dont wanna have a heart no more"

"I can do that, little man. But remember, if you take it away, you'll never get it back"

Mr C was little and did not know much, so he let the Witch Doctor take his heart away.

So, he lived for years without a heart. He didnt live really. Just ate, slept. Not feeling pain. Not feeling anything really.

One night , a noise he hadnt heart in ages woke him up. it was a rhtyhtmic beating. Like a drum or a melody but better.

Hypnotized by the sound he went out of the house in the middle of the night and went looking for the source of the sound.

In the middle of a forest, far far away, on a bed of snow and roses, there was a heart. It was beating strongly. It had no arms or legs, but it kept beating with a sound so warm, so powerful and so beautiful that Mr C could not stop listening. It was cold and late and the forest was far from his home but he just stood there and let himself fall asleep to the sound of the heart beating. He stood there, arms wrapped around it and felt so good and happy for the first time in so long. He had dreams. He didnt remember having dreams.

In the mroning he had to leave and go tend to his house

"I'll come back heart"

The heart just kept beating. Mr C wanted to take it away but did not know how. He was tiny and couldnt bear the weight alone. And the heart had no legs so it couldnt walk. Mr C felt a tinge of the pain again, but it was almost good this time. Then it went away again.

When he worked at the house, he forgot about everything and became numb and empty again. Then sometimes, he just heard the beating from far and felt everythign was good again. He could just stop the woprld and fight everything just to hear that beat.

One night he went there.

"Heart, i realized i cant be away from you. I dont know why but i need to be here. I just forget everything when i'm away. I know i did this for a reason. Cause i did not want to feel the pain. I think. But, when i'm away from you i forget the sun and the music and chocolate. I am just there. And i dont want to be there. I wanna be here with you"

The heart just kept beating

Mr C realized that he would never be able to move the heart away and yet he couldnt stay away from it again. It would've been too empty.

So he stayed there. Close to the heart, silent, just listening to it beating.

The days and night passed and he forgot to eat or drink or anything but he didnt care. Suyddenly he had found his place. So one night, in the warmth of that beating he just passed away. At that right moment, the heart ceased beating.

The snow melted and all the roses died. But Everything felt right in the world. Just for a second. And then went dead again.

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