domenica 27 febbraio 2011

So there we are.

I'm starting this thingie, cause i want a place to ramble freely when the toughts fill my head to the top. Happens quite frequently to us manics and when the choice is taking pills that make you feel like somone chemically castrated your soul, well id rather create a pointless blog.

To give a more specific hint about me: i dont have a middle ground when it comes to emotions. To quote a coke addled Charlie Sheen on a plane, surrounded by bimbos: "i love violently and i hate violently". Problem is: these emotions assault me many times a day and switch my head around at the drop of a hair from my balding head.

So if you share this "disease" (lets call it that way, gathers more simpathy. we might even get our own t-shirt) you know how people seem attracted to the ups and find you the moost adorable person on the planet to talk to. Those people are the "emotional leeches".

You have some in your life too. You dont knwo it yet. Maybe you love them, maybe you even married them and had a bunch of pink turds (aka babies) from them. But Beware.

Those creatures are the kind of beings that will love you and pay attention to you until you're there to listen to their problems (usually stuiff that involves their iphones and is followed by the delightful acronym FML, the most despicable acronym on the planet). You're their "Emotional Tampon", to quote Sam Kinison.
But pay attention: when the ship falls down for you, theyll disappear. Maybe with your money, maybe with the knitted scarf you made for them in a good moment, maybe with that album you love. Definitely with your heart. And they wont be there for you. And they will laugh at you with their friends.
And to be clear the Leeches are of all kind of sexuality. Male, Female, Transgender. They can befriend you, act as your lover, even marry you. maybe you never noticed they were one before and then you realized it when it was too late....

What shall we do with them. Listen to this little ditty by Thumb, and drop a comment if you want to....

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