domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Bands You Need To Know - Bridget And The Squares

I aint necessarily a pop fan, although i am proud to say that i am an inveterate music-junkie. Like any addict (and i know something about addiction), i have a feeling of empty, panicky despair when my ears are void of any sonic stimulation. That said, usually, simple melodies dont stick with me. Might be the quantity of sounds i inject daily into my soul, might be something else. But in any case, "pop music" (whatever that means) needs to be special to catch my attention.

BVridget And The Squares, play an intimate brand of pop. Their sound makes me think of the good stuff from Fiona Apple, with a hint of emotional indie-songwriting music. The center of their songs is singer, main songwriter Bridget's voice, delicate and yet so strong it can carve lyrics in your soul and her powereful paino arrangements. But they're a band and the chemistry with Kyle Thompson's steady and subtle drumming and Aran Chekijan's basslines is essential to what gets to your guts in the end.

And they shine live. I managed to hear a performance by the whole band on comedy podcast "Keith And The Girl" and the visceral effect it had on me, drove me to buy their album on itunes without even thinking twice. The songs are personal, sweet, desperate but hopeful. Delicate and Strong. Simple but layered. It works on the heart and the brain. Check them out.

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