lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Bands You Need To Know: Monique Ortiz

Lets say it right away: Monique Ortiz is hot. Very hot. She has that vibe of sexy, tomboyish confidence about her that just enchants me. She looks like a girl that could make a man or a woman happy and in pain at the same times (and all smart people know that the two go hand in hand).
Ok, now that i got that off my groin, lets talk about her music.
Monique is a bass player, a great one. And her, lets say, idol is sorely missed Mark Sandman from the great Morphine. If you have no idea of who Morphine were, you have to fix that. Get any of their albums, or better just get their masterpeiece "Cure For Pain" and learn.
That said, as with Morphine, her sound, while taking different shapes, is usually something deep, rhythm driven and sensual. Her songs are velvety pieces of the night-time, sweaty and husky like her voice. They might get sligtly harder an bluesier (her first band A.K.A.C.O.D.), more improvised and jammin (her latest solo album "When The Pigeon Flies") or just a perfect soundtrack for the night-time (any of her outputs with the band Bourbon Princess, that also features Morphine's sax player Dana Coley. Dur!), but her bass and hypnotic voice make them all an experience.

Check her out in any of her various projects, before i kidnap her and make her my personal troubadour.

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